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13 02 2009

The Valentine Abaya!


A fitted black abaya in princess cut.
Form fitting 😈
The abaya is fastened with a long zipper. Lined with red silk, the sleeves applique with red silk, symbolizing hell fire, and a red applique heart on the front. (you can do the applique on the back instead) The heart and sleeves are bordered with gold braid.

Make your own abaya! part1

12 02 2009

As the muttawa have been confiscating abayas with colour in Riyad, I would like to support my friends over there by posting some very simple abaya designs. Any idiot can make these 😉
Besides, I’m getting a lot of search-engine terms on ”how to make abaya” and I don’t want to disappoint. For those visitors; don’t look too much at my other posts, you might be shocked…

So, three dead-easy abaya designs, very suitable for your own decorations, which will be in the next part. When everybody is happy and confident (and feeling like  wanting to wear something more fitnah-ish) we can try the more complicated design of the fitted abaya. That is the one I use for my wintercoats.

One big advantage of making your own clothes is that you can use better and more healthy materials as the synthetic ones so often used for abayas nowadays. If your surroundings are not very hot, you can get away with a good cotton, or even better, a nice linen. Linen is ideal, it can retain far more moisture as cotton, therefore it will be feeling cool. In a really hot environment a light silk would be the best choice. Silk is usually very expensive, but that is a market mechanism. To buy in bulk, a decent silk doesn’t cost much more as a good cotton. So do shop around! Because of it’s luxury reputation, the shops put a much larger margin on it, making it more expensive. It might also be a good idea to buy a cheaper undyed material, and dye it in the color of your choice. With delicate materials it is best to try a small piece first. Dupioni silk is usually fairly cheap, but it looks a bit stiff. I do like the rough texture though, and you can get it in all sorts of colors, and in pretty changeant weaves too.


You can use snaps, hooks, zippers, buttons or velcro, it is your own choice. Velcro may sound easy, but has spelled doom for many a pretty delicate shayla. I think the easiest option is buttons, and, instead of making the quite complicated buttonholes, make a loop, use a bit of nice ribbon, or cord. If you use a different color it will be a decorative feature.

Measurements of the patterns:
I can’t give exact measurements on these designs, you have to find out your own measurements. The measurements you need are in the drawing underneath. Instead of experimenting on some beautiful material, I suggest you buy some very cheap cloth, like an unbleached cotton, and stitch it loosely, or even just pin it together, try it on and make changes as you like. Once your try-out is to your liking, you unpin or pick out the stitching, and you can then use the pieces of material for your own perfectly fitting pattern.

If your pattern is precisely cut on your finished dress/abaya, make sure you allow an extra 1,5 cm for stitching and edging the material. I would not line an abaya, because you use it over your clothes in mostly hot countries, so to add even extra material would be even more suffocating. If you add a lining for effect you could choose to only line the bottom of your abaya or sleeves.


Above you see an example on how you could lay out the pattern on your material. lay out your pieces, and move them around until you have them placed as economically as possible. Note down how much material you need, handy to know, especially if you plan on buying an expensive material next time. Most cloth comes at a width of 1.50 meter. Some more exclusive materials are only 1,20 wide. In that case you can’t slip in the sleeves at the sides, and you need 2× your length, #5. And 1× your sleeve length, #2.


These are the measurements you need, work them out for yourself, and make a trial-abaya which you can unpick, or cut up, and use as your personal pattern. Draw the pattern on your real material with special tailor chalk. The sleeve on pattern #1 is a wide sleeve, but if you draw the line to the seam you get a fitted sleeve. This also shows how you can make variations, once you have a good pattern. I only use basic patterns myself, and chance them when drawing them with chalk on the material for the design of a specific garment I’m making.

Pattern #1 and #2 have an overlapping front. You can easily adapt #1 so it won’t overlap. If you use an overlapping front, you nee to put in at least two extra buttons or snaps on the inside, to keep the bottom layer of cloth from sagging down. On pattern #1 you can see three light doth which are sugestions for the inside buttons or snaps.

This second pattern is really a Japanese kimono. This is a véry simple pattern and should be well in reach of everybody who would like to try and make something. Simple forms are also a nice canvas for your own decorations.


With the kimono pattern, you don’t have to be careful with the shoulder seam, it’s supposed to slip from the shoulder a bit. You can make a much wider kimono, by cutting the front and back-panels for a much wider shoulder, and then create three folds which you stitch for about 25cm.


Pattern #3 is a very simple basic traditional butterfly design. Not handy in daily life, but very pretty. You can decorate the sleeve cuffs, or even make them of a different material. Like a Chinese brocade.
Once you have tried making one of these, experiment with different cuts, or try your hand at adding some nice decorations. In part 2 I will give some ideas for decorating your abaya. (or anything else)


Forbidden Colours

10 02 2009


I read an account by  saudiwoman who came to an abaya shop to pick up the abaya she ordered, and was told it was confiscated. So much for trying to express a minimum of individuality. The Commission for the Prevention of Virtue and The Propagation of Vice have been putting up raids in Riyad and confiscated any abaya’s showing coloured embroidery or crystals. Warehouses and  factories have also been hit.
Yep, we all know love equals colours, and as love is forbidden, even amongst spouses, colour is also forbidden. And colour is also pleasing, and fun, and embroideries and crystals are pretty, so there are many legitimate reasons to forbid abaya’s with a touch of colour!

Saudi woman:

They went around in groups of three; a muttawa Vice police escorted by a Riyadh Principality employee and a police officer. At the mall I went to, they first headed to the shop I mentioned above and the unlucky sales clerk had a customer at the time who was sitting on an armchair in the shop and discussing an abaya that she wanted made. The first thing the muttawa did was express shock and disgust that  the shop allowed women to sit. Then he looked at the abaya order that the clerk was filling out and told the lady off for ordering a 750 riyal abaya. And then he demanded that the clerk show him a 750 riyal abaya. The clerk pointed at an abaya with cuffs decorated with crystals and the muttawa grabbed it off the rack and stuffed it into one of his big trash bags. Then he went through all the racks and grabbed anything that looked “worldy” and decorative and stuffed them all in his bags. Before leaving, the muttawa also took the sale clerk’s residency card and ordered him to remove the chairs and a little mirror nook that was there for women to try on the abayas.

Yeah, God beware if women are allowed to sit! And naturally that haraam clark deserves to be punished for doing his job! And what’s the ridiculous notion of having a mirror in a clothes shop!!!!! A mirror would be only inciting all these fitnah-females to check if an abaya suits them! That would never do, the whole point of an abaya is that women are erased liberated.

On this site, you can read how earlier last year women started to experiment with colours, and at the bottom of the page you can read there how costumes used to be colourful, and that the ubiquitous black abaya was actually imported from Persia.
In Jeddah, some hussies leave their abayas open, or even wear labcoats when they pop out for a sip of coffee!!!! And we all know how shocking that is! At least when you read the outraged comments on bedu’s blog after she blurted out her shopping spree in Riyad wearing a long labcoat!

I wanted to write something about cows, but I’ll be working very hard tonight on my post on how to make, and embellish, your own abaya. Let’s see if the Religious Police can stop that!!!





It’s impossible not to piss somebody off

4 11 2008

Topmodel Heidi Klum had an invitation to a halloween-party. What to wear? You want to dress up a bit scary. Sara Palin is an excellent choice of course, but somebody like Heidi would naturally also want to look good.
Hey, her secretary said: ”why not dress up as a Hindu goddess?” A scary one? And so Heidi dressed up as Kali.
Kali is a really cool powerful goddess, and I think Heidi looks fabulous!

Heidi Klum

So you’d think: cool! Well done! But Noooooo! Of course, as is usual in today’s world. people are ”shocked”, ”upset” and ”insulted”. America’s (!) leading Hindu’s demand an apology!!! (I think they are jealous because she looks so good as Kali!)

Nevada-based (!!!) Hindu priest Rajan Zed, in a statement issued Monday, demanded the supermodel tender a public apology for dressing up as goddess Kali.
Goddess Kali is highly revered in Hinduism and she is meant to be worshipped in temples and not to be used in clubs for publicity stunts or thrown around loosely for dramatic effects. Casual flirting sometimes results in pillaging serious spiritual doctrines and revered symbols and hurting the devotees.

The scholar demands Heidi apologises for a public apology for posing as a sacred figure.
You know I can’t hear the word ”scholar” anymore, without going all: ”Aaaah, Pfffff, am not going to take anything serious!”
The whole concept of scholarship has been completely hollowed out for me. I’d as soon believe anybody I meet instead of a scholar, of any religion!

It is not as if impersonating Kali is unusual, in Bengal children and adults dress up as Kali in festivals, as in other parts of the Hindu world.


And why, oh why, should anybody get upset about what a simple model likes to wear on a Hollywood party????????? Have I missed out on something? Have we achieved Worldpeace? Solved Worldhunger? Put an end to poverty? Have we stopped women from being abused and raped all over the world? Have we got the cures for AIDS and Cancer? Is it that I don’t read enough newspapers?

Please, scholars of the world: Get your priorities straight!



Intellectual Intermezzo

3 11 2008

To keep up the intellectual level of this blog, and to make clear I am in no way a silly shallow female, I want to share some really important news with you:

I have been wearing high heels, for the first time since the accident which destroyed my ankle, which started me on blogging. While my ankle is in no way completely healed, walking around on my high heels for a bit went fine!


Protected: Why veiled women are scary

29 10 2008

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What women want

29 05 2008

I’m feeling sick and cranky and depressed and I hate men.
So I’m going to tell you a cautionary tale:

Once upon a time there was a man who took a looong hike through the desert,

he got to a very lonely spot and met a Jinn. The jinn was very happy to finally meet somebody and offered the man three wishes.

His first wish was a Ferrari

His second wish was a lot of money

His third wish he had to think about….
He knew what his greatest wish was:
He wanted to be irresistible to all women!

So the Jinn, who was a female jinn, really splashed out and made him into such as no woman could ever resist him!








Yeah, bring it on!!!

Ooooh, Baby!!!!

OK, looking at this is too much for me, I’m off to get some now…

Finished! (for now)

18 05 2008

Yes: I finished the gruelling workload, and they’ve just picked it up, and they loved it! So: all’s well that ends well. I finished 20 minutes before they arrived!
I should now publish something on loo’s or so, because my stats have fallen to a dramatic low!

But first I’ll show you what has been keeping me from blogging.
And making awful comments on your blogs 😀
I have been painting about 70 illustrations, (gaarghh) to be used on three show-boxes (made by me), containing a booklet (also made by me) an educational cardgame (made by me) and a game with words (made by me), and coloured glasses (not made by me).
The boxes open when the lid is taken off.
The three colours and illustrations correspond with the personality dynamics of ”Human dynamics” .

The boxes open, to show the booklets and games, and the drawings inside the boxes belong to the word game. The words for that game are in little envelopes left and right.

Ok people: I’m relatively free again for comments and chat!
(relatively because I now have to clear up the mess left after 2 weeks of doing no house work)

Update: And I have just been to visit the Tarq!

Polygamy and Arabs

30 03 2008

Yes, visitors! I have laid low with very boring posts for a looong time. Time for some inflammatory stuff! If anybody is already upset by the title, I want to make it clear that all Fatwa’s should be issued at the evil Iranian sister (SS) who thought it up, and ordered me to post it!

So, polygamy, and Arabs

”Polygamy” is when serious relationships consist of more than two individuals, and the ”Arabs” are my Arabs

I freely admit; I am prejudiced here, in my opinion:

Humans -> Stupid <~~~> Horses -> Clever

So what happens if: two Arab blokes, have to share: one Nordic Goddess?

If they were human, they would constantely complain and nag, and be a general nuisance to their surroundings, and would eventually kill each other. For some reason men are just só jealous! They can’t just step aside, and let the other co-partner have some quality time. Even when they should know they get what is their due, they still think they should get more. Selfish, and greedy, that’s what they are!


As in this case the Arab blokes are Rabhar and The Tarq, they get on fairly well, are patiently awaiting their time for grooming and are pleased with the excellent meals and cleaning services provided. When I’m not looking they may give each other a little nip, no blood spilled though. And they would certainly never nag at the Nordic Goddess. On the contrary: they aim to please, and are always happy to see me, and never bother me with personal stuff. So why fuss? Polygamy can work out fine! Or, in other words: why put up with men?


Two gentlemen being polite:


Can they keep it up?



Two gentlemen, nagging!




I’m just adding these because they both look so cute



Photographs, except the first, ©

Protected: Folklorist demonstrations

10 03 2008

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