Morality and Meteorology

27 02 2011

I don’t get the connection between Morality and Meteorology Religious leaders are so fond of.
Earthquakes are caused by women showing cleavage, according to an iranian religious Muslim scholar.
According to an American Christian religous nutter leader he flooding of New Orleans was caused by gay people being gay, and I suppose by inference the fact that so many people tolerate the existence of gays, without slaughtering them as God wants us to…
The flooding of England’s North Yorkshire was also caused by the existence of gays according to a bishop of the English Anglican church…
The great tsunami of 2004 was of course appropriated by all religious leaders of all religions as punishment for whatever their personal preference in sin.

Now, I think that God is making a mistake here, for one thing it seems a bit bizarre that God has problems with his own creation, eg gays and cleavages, for the other his aim seems to be lamentably off for a supernatural all powerfull being…
Or, if his meteorological aim is true, God seems to be, not only very unfair, but also wholly inadequate. Human nature being what it is (as created by God), I think I speak the truth if I say that the hussies who display their cleavages on the beaches of France and Spain, or the nightclubs in Amsterdam, not only would not stop their evil immoral displays because of Earthquakes in Iran, but I am sure they don’t even know about it!
Same goes for those people who indulge in loving relationships to those people God has given them a sexual preference for.

In truth, all logical conclusions seem to lead to only one fact: meteorology has nothing to do with morality has nothing to do with some allmighty supernatural being who cannot aim.
Which leads to the conclusion that religious leaders are mentally deficient.
Which leads to the obvious conclusion that sane, normal, intelligent people should become very weary as soon as somebody proclaims themselves a religious authority.
If that wasn’t obvious before I even started this post…

Cheerful news

29 11 2010

It’s freezing here, but we know one day, in the future, there will be sun, and summer fun, and swimming in the lake again.

To remember how that goes:

Yuou will have to click the link, apparently I can’t put the video on my blog. Spoilsports!

Sorry, sorry, sorry!

4 09 2009

Ok I know I have been very remiss in posting! Not that I don’t have any good ideas, I have many, many, many!

I have been travelling.
To my dreamrabbit and have now spend  five days in the Q-continuum!
I’ve also had some problems with my computer.

Tomorrow we are leaving for a roadttrip to California! And I will try to put up good photo’s of the trip. The Q has business and we will stay there for two weeks.

Here is a very pretty Texas tree, they are all over the place!

Texas tree

Ofcourse it’s almost universally ”good weather” here. Meaning lots of sun, very hot, no clouds. Pfffff! Yay for airconditioning!
America is a weird country, you can’t imagine the weird foods they have here! Freaks me out completely! Especially as I have been going even more into health and nutrition lately!
But I have been making some very nice dishes, Q liked them very much, and I will put them up, together with the recipes for my ”Ramadan-Torture-Program”.
Afterdinner we sit on the terrace and smoke hooka, last night there were fantastic thunderstorms, ànd a full moon! For most of the time we saw both!

I made this photo, the full moon coily hiding behind a thundercloud which was lit up with lightning from the inside!


When the thunderstorm was over the moon returned


Later at night it rained, and this morning the air was so increadibe sweet!


24 07 2009

Waw!!!! There are some HUGE thunderstorms going on right now! I can’t hear the radio from the big bangs!

I’m sitting on the couch with 80 pounds of shivering Alsatian on my lap…

zora scared

Riding in the Heavenly Woods

13 05 2008

Me and the Tarq, and Tarq’s half sister!

Every morning we went out to ride in the forest. I have already described how sweet they smelled, how fascinating this magical light green, such as you can only see in the first two weeks after the trees wake from their winter-slumber.
Another typical NVVR-photo: two ears and a landscape

The dogs were having a lovely time too: Zora, Stripe (the one with the spots) and Jacky

On the Saturday we went on a long ride, with a break half-way. i also had to be back in time to help cooking the Arab dinner we planned for Tarq’s birthday party. As my condition wasn’t too good, and neither was the Tarq’s I was a bit worried if we should do it, but we had a great ride! Temperature was not too hot, and of course glorious weather again! I got burned in the face a bit.

We had our break at the information centre, there is a tiny paddock where you can put your horse. This was a great opportunity for Tarq and Primavera to finally get to meet. Primavera is a young Lipizzaner stallion, and they had been trying to check each other out the day before.

Now Primavera has a great friend who was very aggressive to the Tarq and stuck into this small space, pressured by two horses, the Tarq got a bit uptight. And as the Tarq is after all a real hooligan, after a while I decided to take him out, because he wasn’t getting any rest in there, and I didn’t want to wait until he got irritated and decide he needed to start something.

Primavera and Buddy cornering the Tarq

The meeting

If it were just these two, they would have gotten on quite well

Tarq: ”get me out of here!”

so I decided to safe my darling from his ordeal. He rewarded me with leaving me biting the dust 10 minutes later, and scored another 10 points over me.

Of course he let himself be caught after teasing me for 15 minutes.
The Tarq enjoying the admiration of three girlfriends who thought I was pretty stupid.

As we returned we passed a very shallow lake, and had to go in of course!

We were back in perfect time, the horses were put into the meadow, and were clearly utterly exhausted!

A lot of the humans then started to prepare for Tareq’s birthday-party.
But that is a subject worthy of it’s own post!


30 04 2008

For American Bedu’s amusement I’m now going to explain the concept of: ”bicycle-swimming”
This sport is mainly constricted to the Netherlands.
Not because we do a lot of cycling, but because, due to our sublime weather conditions. we are mostly excellent swimmers.
Not because we all learn to swim before we go to school, but because those who can’t will have drowned before reaching that age.
Not because we don’t care about children, but because it is natural selection.

So, to recap: in The Netherlands a lot of people get around on a bicycle. And because of our glorious climate we have to combine it with our skills in swimming.
I’ll illustrate it; to the left: Aafke going to the Tuesday market. To the right: Aafke returned from the Tuesday market.

What has happened in between?
Well This:

This is what happens when you go shopping in the Netherlands, and for this you need the combined skills of cycling, and swimming!
to show you the awful reality: A look out of my window, at noon!!!!!

Dutch weather sucks

21 02 2008

It is só unpredictable, or should I call that predictable? It is never what you want it to be! You really need a clear sky; it looks good, it seems to stay good, and then… The ”moment suprème”: Clouds, mist, heavy overcast!

Why does it matter?

Well, I was seriously planning to stay awake all night last night to be able to observe the lunar eclipse. I am a moon-girl. I love the full moon, I feel extra good when the moon is full. On a good summer-night I take my horse out riding when the full moon is out. And when the sky is clear (guess how often that happens in the Netherlands)

And not only a full eclipse, but also a unique stellar conjunction, such as we’ll never see again in our lifetime!

So, everything seemed auspicious: a full moon, a fifty minute window around 04.00, camera and stand at the ready, clear sky, had made a test-photo: looking good! I thought I’d treat you’all on a nice red moon. And you will guess: at 02.20 am: overcast, mist, absolutely nothing!
And the next lunar-eclipse is in 2010!!!

So, I went to bed, by that time it was 03.00 am. I’m dead tired and have a headache and I stole this photo from ”Nasa Astronomy Picture of the day”. It is by Johannes Schedler and much better than anything I could have made.




This is what we missed, from todays’ Astronomy Picture of the day:


Eclipsed Moonlight
Credit & Copyright: Jerry Lodriguss (Catching the Light) Explanation: Moon watchers blessed with clear skies over the Americas, Europe, Africa and western Asia enjoyed a total lunar eclipse this week. Catching eclipsed moonlight, astroimager Jerry Lodriguss offers this view of the inspiring celestial event with the shadowed Moon accompanied by wandering planet Saturn at the left, and bright Regulus, alpha star of the constellation Leo, above. The engaging composite picture was made by combining a filtered, telephoto image of the Moon and surrounding starfield with a telescopic exposure. The combination dramatizes the reddened moonlight while clearly showing the variation of brightness and color in Earth’s not-so-dark shadow across the lunar surface.


7 01 2008

This spell of really cold weather might continue! That means we might be able to go skating on natural ice! Like rivers and canals. That means everybody except me. I won’t be able to skate this year.

So I hope it’ll get warmer soon. More comfortable. When I can’t skate I don’t see why anybody else should have any fun.

My favorite weeping willow covered in ice, underneath: my car, also iced.winterboom.jpg