Lighten up

5 12 2008

In a desperate attempt to lighten up the atmosphere of my cheerful blog, and so as not to loose my favorite readers, I’ve tried to make a slightly amusing quiz.

enjoy, click here

anything above 500 points proves you to be an excellent person :mrgreen:

The Muttawa Compatibility Quiz

5 09 2008

Forget about the hunger and the thirst, and cheer up! Let’s all be happy!!! 😀

Exercise your lack of mental powers, your lack of ethics and empathy for others, and do the Muttawa Compatibility Quiz!!!

Do you feel the need to harass others?

Do you despise free will?
Do you want to arrest women and stripsearch them on trumped up charges?
Would you enjoy chasing people to their deaths?
Does beating up people to death sound amusing to you?
Do you agree that cats and dogs are created so men can chat up women?
Are you ready to eradicate happiness?
Are you too disgusted by all the loose women walking around?
Are you willing to put it to a halt?

Have you got what it takes?

Find out! Take the challenge and engage in this devistatingly difficult maniacal muttawa quiz!
The rules are as follows: You look into your heart, you measure the despise you feel for anything female, or happy, or amusing, or cuddly, and answer all the questions, loosing off the bitterest emotions of your black soul, the most infamous cravings of your inner homicidal maniac.
And then: you answer the questions, musing on a perfect world… No pigs, cats, dogs, no women, no cuddling, no happiness. The closest thing to heaven…

Once you get the results, it goes like this: any result above 500 means you’re a loss to the human race, and a gain to the muttawa.

The lower your score, the more worthwhile a human being you are, and any negative score qualifies you for the secret password to my protected posts.

Play here

PS. The maximum points to be gained are 1100. Now I’ve played it myself a few times, but I haven’t been able to get the maximum score.
And I’ve thought up the questions!
Go figure….