Ramadan Relief

25 08 2009

A lady on another blog told a funny anekdote, she failed to recognise her friend as she walked by…
Her friend was angry!
These things will happen….

funny sketch

My natural beauty

27 07 2009


You may wonder why I have moved from being all evil and wicked into the realms of ”happy news”, ”kittens” and white dresses.
This is because I have seen the light!
I want to share my beautiful thoughts, my fragility and natural sweetness.
In order to remain delightful, adorable and attractive to my chosen dreamrabbit, I decided I needed to get rid of all these dangerous opinions of my own, so unbecoming to the natural simplicity of women. We women need to realise our limits.
I understand that now…

I want to share this enlightening and informative clip


24 07 2009

Waw!!!! There are some HUGE thunderstorms going on right now! I can’t hear the radio from the big bangs!

I’m sitting on the couch with 80 pounds of shivering Alsatian on my lap…

zora scared

44 good sunnah rules to follow

21 07 2009

This post is a follow-up to the post Sunni salafis, camels and cars , and also apposite to the post on Bedu.

Sunnah is following what the prophet did, it is a good thing for a muslim to try and learn from the prophets life. However, it appears that a very large part of the prophet’s sunnah is completely forgotten.
Or ignored.
What is sunnah can be determined by studying the life of the prophet, the hadith. And there are many instances of worthwhile behaviour to follow in these stories, and sometimes they contradict the quran. ”Think for yourself” is what pops into my mind.
The problem is that I see a lot of cherry-picking going on. And when it comes to women the many positive sunnah are completely ignored and the negative ones hailed as a command from God. Modern muslims even habitually indulge in this, and in KSA they have laws which contradict the example of the prophet almost categorically. And don’t underestimate this: Saudi Arabia is after all the country where the two holy mosques are situated and for that single reason many muslims look at KSA as an example.
I will provide a list of important stuff I got out of reading the Quran and hadith which for some reason I do not see followed, especially not by those who claim to be perfectly following the sunnah,
This is also sunnah:

  1. Women conduct business
  2. Women own big international businesses
  3. women have honour and dignity equal to men
  4. men are employed by women and have no problems following their orders
  5. women are trusted
  6. be married to one woman and stay faithful to her
  7. go to your wife for advice and follow it
  8. women make their own decisions about their own lives
  9. women propose to men for marriage
  10. women choose whom they want to marry
  11. women put into their marriage contract that they don’t want their husband to marry more wives. Men keep to that promise
  12. women don’t pay back their mahr if they instigate divorce
  13. women ride/drive their own means of transport
  14. Women and men divorce if they are totally unhappy and marry again without having stigma’s attached to them
  15. Men marry divorcees, or widows with children and treat them well
  16. men marry  women who are older then they are
  17. women don’t have to be virgins to be regarded with respect and desired as good marriage partner
  18. women fight in battles
  19. women lead armies in the battlefield
  20. men help women in their household chores
  21. men clean their own clothes, milk their own sheep, and do their own chores
  22. answer an insult with a humurous remark instead of chopping heads off or burn stuff
  23. men treat women with respect and never, ever, ever, beat them
  24. women go out where they want, whenever they want
  25. give water to a starving dog (and get a free ticket to heaven)
  26. own a dog
  27. let your dog eat out of your own soup bowl then clean it well afterwards
  28. own a cat
  29. don’t disturb sleeping cats
  30. be kind and considerate to animals, all animals
  31. men and women pray together in the mosque
  32. men and women attend seminars and discuss stuff (together)
  33. people who have sinned but have truly repented will not be punished
  34. actions are but intentions, and this is between you and God. humans cannot see what’s in other humans hearts and minds
  35. when you smile it is charity
  36. laugh often, smile much
  37. have fun, make lots of jokes
  38. you can sing
  39. a muslim woman can ask for her intended husband to convert to islam as her mahr
  40. everybody in the Ummah (community, ummah al-Dawrah) is equal, regardless of their race, colour or origin
  41. be kind and indulgant to children, the prophet used to even shorten the prayer when he heard a child cry
  42. love overcomes hatred, forgiveness overcomes agression
  43. speak a good word, or else be silent
  44. Moderation in all: charity, eating, dressing and worship. Avoid extremes.

Fatema, who ruled Hail from 1911 to 1914


Protected: sunni salafis, camels and cars

20 07 2009

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Lazy Tarq

10 07 2009

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3 07 2009

Me and Al Tarq are off trekking for a few days. If I survive it’ll be on the blog 😉
To give ya’all an insight into life with horses I leave you with this excellent, in-depth documentary.

Faulty programming

29 06 2009

لخبطة البرامج

bakheet robots

The Saudi muttawa have suffered another harddrive crash, causing them to return to their default programming, which is: arresting all and sundry. Because, let’s be real, there is no human behaviour which cannot, in some way, be classified as haraaam!
If only you do enough intellectual acrobatics.
It is of course very easy to denounce charity as an haram offense, as it usually involves two people.
Where there are two or more human beings, there is sure to be zina!

So what’s the latest? Here’s this really nice Saudi man, taking care of three orphans who were actually living on the street (!) he took them into his house, to live with his family, and  he is now facing a khalwa charge from the Commission for the Prevention of Virtue and the Promotion of Vice, because two of them are girls!!!!  (14 and 13 !!!!!)
(Khalwa is the illicit, and in Saudi Arabia criminal, seclusion of people of different sex who are not very closely related)

It went like this:

The former neighbor of two homeless girls and their brother who he took into his home while attempting to find them suitable care through official channels has described his dismay at facing a month in prison after the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Hai’a) charged him with khilwa, or illegal seclusion with non-related members of the opposite sex.
“It is ironic that I now face a month in prison after the Hai’a arrested me for being in illicit seclusion with the girls,” said the former neighbor of the 13 and 14-year-old girls and their nine-year-old brother. “The case is still being looked into by a court in Makkah.”
The children had been living on the street after being abandoned by the uncle in whose custody they had been placed following their father’s imprisonment and their mother’s remarriage, until their former neighbor saw their plight and took them into his home with his own family while the Ministry of Social Affairs resolved the issue.
He has now spent nearly a year trying to resolve the situation through the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Committee for the Care of Prisoners, and Makkah’s Social Protection Home.
An official from Makkah Social Affairs, which has taken up the case, said the children had been subjected to violence by their uncle, and that an application for urgent shelter had been submitted to the Ministry of Social Affairs.

I do so hope that this charitable man will get out of this mess unscathed. I suppose it’s too much to hope for a reward for such generous actions…

Men, urine and hygiene

19 06 2009

urinary hygiene 2

What is it with human males and urinal hygiene?
Why do human males, especially those who live in what is generally accepted as ”civilised society”,  a world redundant with toiletary inventions and extra strong disinfectants, consider it ok to urinate in all sorts of public places?
What is on their mind as they pollute public spaces with obnoxious smelling urine?

~I can drink lots of beer and here’s the proof…
~I am too lazy to go to a proper loo and here’s the proof…
~I believe in natural relief…
~X was here…
~Or: this is the territory of X…
Like dogs do?
You know one of the irritating things about walking a male dog when you’re in a hurry is that they don’t just take a pee, they are very careful to do it in little batches, so you have to walk the whole block so they can deposit the carefully measured amounts on every selected object…

urinary hygiene 1

Why is it that men’s loos are generally such a disgraceful revolting mess????
An Arab man-friend told me some muslim men urinate in the washbasin in a fully equipped Western men’s bathroom. WTF??? He pointed out some guy in a thobe who was in the men’s bathroom with him and he told me he had actually seen him do it! Eeeehhhk!
I have seen a documentary where they scanned the walls of the men’s toilet in a restaurant with special light, and the frigging pee was up the wall! I mean really up the wall to the ceiling!!!!
What do men actually do in there???
I mean I know they have a little wanker, like a hose sort of thingy, so what do they do? Try and see if they can actually get it to the ceiling? Do they swirl it around while admiring the pattern of yellow droplets flying through  space?
If I have a party at my house including men, the first thing I do when I have kicked my guests out is put on a couple of gloves and start cleaning my loo. I know, pretty disturbed but I want that yellow stuff off my walls ASAP!!!!!!
And trust me: It’s never as bad as in the documentary, but I never clean the walls without cause either….

To cheer up the ”Women of the World” there has been this really cool invention: The Urinal Fly!
Apparently, men are fairly easy to program: you attach a fly inside a urinal and suddenly all men try to ”get the fly”.
The urinals in Schiphol airport have been fitted with this new invention some years ago, and apparently (besides gaining world fame) with amazing results!!!
”Maintenance crews at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam reported in 2005 that adding a fly target to urinals reduced bathroom cleaning costs by giving men something to aim at.”

urinary hygiene

What happened to my apple?

13 06 2009

Has it been waterboarded?

red apple3

Has it been tortured?

red apple5

Has it been shot?

red apple7

Or has it found freedom and an American lifestyle? Maybe even hook up with a juicy, sexy, Californian Orange???

red apple8