Religion and the corruption of morality

28 01 2010

As God does not seem to mind me being blasphemous, at least I haven´t been struck down by lightning, Yet…

I will now muse on morality. Unlike the usual comment made by religious people: ”Without religion the world would be in chaos, there  would be murder rape and all kinds of crime… etc.”, I am of the opinion that there is good and bad, and that all sane people know what’s what.
In their heart of hearts.
Everybody just knows, really, really knows what is good and what is bad. For example:

Killing somebody else is bad. Torturing people is bad. Raping people is bad. Abusing and/or having sex with children is bad. Marrying close relatives is bad. Eating other people is bad. stealing is bad, hurting people is bad! Lying and backbiting is bad, etc.

Helping others is good. Looking after orphans is good. Being kind to children and animals is good. Nursing the sick is good. Teaching other people important knowledge is good. Learning and increasing your own knowledge is good. Saving a drowning person is good. Giving is good, speaking the truth is good, etc.

These examples are to me so clear I don’t know how anybody can not see this as well. Unless they are sociopath and/or homicidal maniacs of course. But then they are dangerously, mentally deranged and very, very abnormal.
So why is that religious people think they are really deranged homicidal maniacs and rapists, but luckily God came along and told them what is right and wrong and now they are good people?
And to go into more detail: why do some people tell me that their particular brand of religion has got ”morals” right, and all other brands of religion have got it wrong???
Kindergarten logic: ”My God is better than your God, therefore our morality is better than your morality, nah-nahnahnah-nah”. Hum, I see a post on religion and infantilism coming on…
Back to religion and morality. Because for the most part good and bad are universal truths, most religions get that, and put up sets of rules and write them down as God’s rules. So far everything is fine. But then comes the snag…

Religion actually screws and twists and corrupts our innate morality.

Let’s pick an example of a bad thing to do, let’s take killing people. Most people know that killing other people is bad, but when religion comes into the equation the moral gets corrupted: Killing people is bad unless it’s in Gods name. Killing people is bad but if they don’t believe in God it is good. Actually it gets more and more bizarre as religion gets more powerful and gains more influence on peoples lives. We see often enough now a days especially in Islamic countries: Killing people is bad, except if they are women who do not confirm to God’s rules. (the interpretation of God’s rules differ extremely person to person as God has never made them clear in the first place.)  Killing people is bad but people who happen to be born (made by God) to have a preference for the same gender should be killed because God (who made them so) wants them dead.

Everything which is bad, which we know is bad, is condoned or even ordered by God in one or most religions for one reason or other, but it’s always a religious reason. How about abusing and raping children? Men of God abuse and rape children entrusted to their care all over the world. Safe in the knowledge that the Religious hierarchy of their faith will protect them. Women are unnaturally suppressed and their lives and minds thwarted because some misogynist made it ”God’s rule”. Old man marry by force very young girls/toddlers and have sex with/rape them, and claim that as Islam allows this disgusting crime, it is God’s will.

Devout followers of religion kill and maim indiscriminately innocent people including women and children. Something they would never have done if Religion had not told them God wanted them to kill and maim. Suicide killers wouldn’t blow themselves up in the middle of a marketplace full of innocent fellow humans if the weren’t convinced that in doing so God would reward them with heaven and sex with ”the Black-eyed”.

Men kill their daughters and sisters because they do not wrap their heads in a piece of cloth, or because they want to get out of a marriage which consists of daily torture and rape, or because they have been talking to a boy, or even just because they want their inheritance or another dowry.

No sane person would kill a woman on such trivial grounds, except a religious person. No society would allow and support such heinous crimes, unless it is a religious society. And no society, unless fuelled by the conviction of religion, would consider 50% of humanity as disposable, the killing of a woman as a minor offence, not warranting special punishment.

No, I’m sorry to be so utterly blasphemous, but God, and religion, are the corrupter of our natural morality, God and religion is the root of evil, not the deliverance thereof.

I shamelessly paste-copy this info to the following video:

A Nazi doctor at Bergen Belsen finishes off torturing the last handful of the day’s batch of emaciated concentration camp children in the name of medical research. Without so much as a second thought he fires a shot into the brain of the 13 year old girl whose ability to remain conscious during the terror of non-anaesthetised amputation has failed and she is of no further use to him. He walks calmly back to his comfortable townhouse and asks his wife how the day has gone and how his two delightful children are. She informs him that Hans has ridden his first pony and Ingrid has been practising her clarinet all afternoon. The Nazi doctor wanders through to the music room and quietly opens the door. There is his daughter picking her nose. He tears into the room and slaps her hand so hard that she starts to cry. “Stop that disgusting habit else I will take your clarinet off you for good! Now go to your room!”

A group of Muslim boys and young men drop the last of the breeze blocks on to the head of their 15 year old relative – to some she is the sister, to others a cousin, to one she is the daughter. While she gives her final twitch of life, he skirt rides up on her naked, bruised thigh and everything stops while one of the suddenly disgusted father reaches over and pulls her skirt back down towards her twisted feet. The final breeze stops her from further twitching.

What is moral to one person is not moral to another. But we all possess a moral sense.
A child can be taught that anything is true – anything! Morality is simply one more of the areas of the human psyche, the human family and the human society that is a blank sheet waiting for the writings of dogma or of free thought .
Dogmatic religion does not own morality. I want to engage with you in some common-sense arguments that might make you think a little more widely about where your morality originated.


Islam versus Cristianity, The Battle

23 10 2009

Good manners and form: Cherrypick of the hadith

12 10 2009

This is my favorite hadith.

Imagine if it was everybodies favorite?
Imagine all muslims would actually use this one as an example?
Imagine all the cartoons we could make 😈

Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Mulaika:

Aisha said that the Jews came to the Prophet and said, “As-Samu ‘Alaikum” (death be on you). ‘Aisha said (to them), “(Death) be on you, and may Allah curse you and shower His wrath upon you!” The Prophet said, “Be calm, O ‘Aisha ! You should be kind and lenient, and beware of harshness and Fuhsh (i.e. bad words).” She said (to the Prophet), “Haven’t you heard what they (Jews) have said?” He said, “Haven’t you heard what I have said (to them)? I said the same to them, and my invocation against them will be accepted while theirs against me will be rejected (by Allah). ”

There’s a better way to tell it:
Mohammed and Aisha encountered some Jews and they greeted the prophet with a twist of the Salaam Aleikum, They said ”As Samu Alaikum” which means ”death be upon you” Aisha got all upset but the prophet smiled kindly, pretended not to have understood, and said: ”And the same to you”

Beautiful example of staying polite while still getting your advisaries really miffed!


Ramadan Relief

25 08 2009

A lady on another blog told a funny anekdote, she failed to recognise her friend as she walked by…
Her friend was angry!
These things will happen….

funny sketch

My natural beauty

27 07 2009


You may wonder why I have moved from being all evil and wicked into the realms of ”happy news”, ”kittens” and white dresses.
This is because I have seen the light!
I want to share my beautiful thoughts, my fragility and natural sweetness.
In order to remain delightful, adorable and attractive to my chosen dreamrabbit, I decided I needed to get rid of all these dangerous opinions of my own, so unbecoming to the natural simplicity of women. We women need to realise our limits.
I understand that now…

I want to share this enlightening and informative clip


24 07 2009

Waw!!!! There are some HUGE thunderstorms going on right now! I can’t hear the radio from the big bangs!

I’m sitting on the couch with 80 pounds of shivering Alsatian on my lap…

zora scared

44 good sunnah rules to follow

21 07 2009

This post is a follow-up to the post Sunni salafis, camels and cars , and also apposite to the post on Bedu.

Sunnah is following what the prophet did, it is a good thing for a muslim to try and learn from the prophets life. However, it appears that a very large part of the prophet’s sunnah is completely forgotten.
Or ignored.
What is sunnah can be determined by studying the life of the prophet, the hadith. And there are many instances of worthwhile behaviour to follow in these stories, and sometimes they contradict the quran. ”Think for yourself” is what pops into my mind.
The problem is that I see a lot of cherry-picking going on. And when it comes to women the many positive sunnah are completely ignored and the negative ones hailed as a command from God. Modern muslims even habitually indulge in this, and in KSA they have laws which contradict the example of the prophet almost categorically. And don’t underestimate this: Saudi Arabia is after all the country where the two holy mosques are situated and for that single reason many muslims look at KSA as an example.
I will provide a list of important stuff I got out of reading the Quran and hadith which for some reason I do not see followed, especially not by those who claim to be perfectly following the sunnah,
This is also sunnah:

  1. Women conduct business
  2. Women own big international businesses
  3. women have honour and dignity equal to men
  4. men are employed by women and have no problems following their orders
  5. women are trusted
  6. be married to one woman and stay faithful to her
  7. go to your wife for advice and follow it
  8. women make their own decisions about their own lives
  9. women propose to men for marriage
  10. women choose whom they want to marry
  11. women put into their marriage contract that they don’t want their husband to marry more wives. Men keep to that promise
  12. women don’t pay back their mahr if they instigate divorce
  13. women ride/drive their own means of transport
  14. Women and men divorce if they are totally unhappy and marry again without having stigma’s attached to them
  15. Men marry divorcees, or widows with children and treat them well
  16. men marry  women who are older then they are
  17. women don’t have to be virgins to be regarded with respect and desired as good marriage partner
  18. women fight in battles
  19. women lead armies in the battlefield
  20. men help women in their household chores
  21. men clean their own clothes, milk their own sheep, and do their own chores
  22. answer an insult with a humurous remark instead of chopping heads off or burn stuff
  23. men treat women with respect and never, ever, ever, beat them
  24. women go out where they want, whenever they want
  25. give water to a starving dog (and get a free ticket to heaven)
  26. own a dog
  27. let your dog eat out of your own soup bowl then clean it well afterwards
  28. own a cat
  29. don’t disturb sleeping cats
  30. be kind and considerate to animals, all animals
  31. men and women pray together in the mosque
  32. men and women attend seminars and discuss stuff (together)
  33. people who have sinned but have truly repented will not be punished
  34. actions are but intentions, and this is between you and God. humans cannot see what’s in other humans hearts and minds
  35. when you smile it is charity
  36. laugh often, smile much
  37. have fun, make lots of jokes
  38. you can sing
  39. a muslim woman can ask for her intended husband to convert to islam as her mahr
  40. everybody in the Ummah (community, ummah al-Dawrah) is equal, regardless of their race, colour or origin
  41. be kind and indulgant to children, the prophet used to even shorten the prayer when he heard a child cry
  42. love overcomes hatred, forgiveness overcomes agression
  43. speak a good word, or else be silent
  44. Moderation in all: charity, eating, dressing and worship. Avoid extremes.

Fatema, who ruled Hail from 1911 to 1914