Religious freedom or human rights for babies?

20 07 2012

Guess what, I opt for human rights for babies.

This was in the news last week:

A court in Cologne, Germany has ruled that removing the foreskin of young boys for religious reasons amounts to bodily harm. European Jewish and Muslim groups have joined forces to protest against the decision and defend their right to perform the act on religious grounds.

I read this heartbreaking article which a friend put up on face book.

Babies who get circumcised go into coma, deep depressive sleep and suffer health problems. They connect less with the mother, often drink badly or not at all for a while, and there is a marked psychological effect on them as adults. And there is the number of babies who die, but that is just collateral damage. There is also a detrimental effect on the penis, the now unprotected tip will become much less sensitive, And as the foreskin contains the highest number of nerves in the male body this is lost too. For women sex can be less pleasurable as well. The foreskin has a distinct function also during the sexual act. No foreskin should not be removed without real medical need.

I do not think that parents have any right to mutilate their children. It’s not a right of parents. But children do have rights here, the right to remain intact until hey decide as well-informed adults if they need to cut important pieces of their bodies. Parents have a job, and that it to protect their children from harm. Not to cause it!

If you belong to one of those religions where the invisible skydaddy expects you to worship him by offering up your foreskin you can do so as an adult, when it is your own informed decision.

A baby is not asked, and it will be many years before he is old enough to decide for himself is he likes to have a dangerous unnecessary and harmful procedure done on his most sensitive parts. But that is for me the only acceptable form of circumcision. An adult male, who has first been well informed about the uselessness and the effect on his sexual feelings, and who still wants to have the most sensitive bits cut off?
Go for it. But don’t mutilate your baby. Wait 20 years and see what he decides.

I fully agree with the German court, intelligent modern rational people should not cut up, damage, traumatize and endanger the lives of their babies. And if they do they should be punished.

And read this article about how male circumcision harms women.

Excellent lecture

18 12 2011

Take some time to look at this lecture. I am on the point of moving to America, one of the very few countries who still mass-medicate their population with the neuro-toxin Fluoride. Fluoride decreases the IQ of a population with 10%. Besides other bad effects on your health. Something to think about.
Oh, and taking in fluoride does not improve your teeth.


These are only the first three, but you really should see them all.




Vaccinations make you sick

17 04 2010

Yes, I am sorry to say but that is the conclusion I had to make when really reading up on vaccines. I believed in vaccines, I thought they were really important. And they are, but because they cause many illnesses, including those they are supposed to protect people against.

A few facts:

The mercury content of Thimerosal which is used for the production of vaccines is statistically linked to the current huge, and still rising, incidences of autism in very young children. perfectly healthy normal and intelligent children get vaccinated, and end up autistic.

Vaccines contain mercury. If they don’t, according to the label, they still do, but in ”trace amounts”, and the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t have to list it if they are ”only” trace amounts. There are no safe minimum amounts for mercury. If the vaccine contains ”Thimerosal ”, it contains mercury, in amounts which, if you drop the vial on the floor instead of injecting it, would be classified as toxic waste.

Vaccines also contain unknown amounts* animal DNA and RNA. and also the toxic substances and heavy metals aluminium, phenol, acetone, MSG, acetone, cadmium, lead and formaldehyde.

* I mean the manufacturers really don’t know: the whole ”science” of vaccination is arbitrary, they only really find out if a vaccine is harmful after millions of children have been injected.

The diseases which are claimed to have been eradicated by vaccines, were already fast disappearing before vaccines came out. Stats show a huge decrease in these diseases before vaccination was even invented. Some stats also show an increase in the percentage of deaths after vaccination, or an increase in the cases.
Diseases for which there were no vaccines at that time, declined at the same rate. The eradication of disease is environmental, hygiene and having people well-fed is the factor in eradicating these diseases.

This stat shows how deaths from smallpox were going down very fast over decades, but after the vaccination law was enforced in England, it reached a huge peak.

Vaccinating does not mean ”immunisation”, as the pharmaceutical industry admits. In fact, vaccinated populations get infected in the same percentage, or worse, as unvaccinated populations.

The vaccine controversy is not new: vaccination has been denounced as unscientific and dangerous since it’s very beginning. Contested by doctors and medical specialists.

We, the public, and the medical students, are misled both as to the claimed efficacy of vaccinations, and the toxicity of vaccinations. One often used trick is to re-define the diagnosis of these diseases. On this stat you see how polio is eliminated using a redefined diagnosis. The dark columns show the ”confirmed” cases of polio, the lighter much higher columns  show the ”discarded” cases.

A very clear and concise summing up of the issues with vaccines. if you watch any of these videos, watch this one.
Lots of information, also explaining the link between autism and vaccines.
This two and a half hour presentation, is well researched and presented. Are vaccines safe? Find out how they made it & the lies about mercury Free vaccines. At the end a medical doctor discusses how he gave his child a vaccine: he now suffers from severe autism. This doctor vowed never to vaccinate himself or his family ever again.

Watch this video in which doctors, medical practitioners, scientists and others show the statistics of the major diseases being on the road for extinction long before vaccination came along, they also explain how diseases get eradicated by redefining diagnoses.

this video is interesting too.

Now if you think that parents testimonies, and doctors observations and statistics are only anecdotal evidence, and not worth looking into, I advise you to read this book, in which a medical doctor uses the CDC’s own documents to state the case against vaccinations. This is widely considered the most comprehensive book on vaccine safety. Well respected, Dr. Tenpenny is an Internationally recognized expert and the first physician to offer documented proof that vaccines do compromise the immune system. Dr. Tenpenny has the courage and the determination to express a minority view, substantiating her work with citations directly from Centers for Disease Control (CDC) documents and respected, peer-reviewed journals, offering irrefutable facts that fly in the face of information generally regarded as truth in traditional medical circles.

Dr Tenpenny used to give vaccinations herself, telling the patients that they were perfectly safe, and of course there was no mercury contained (she, as most other doctors, never read the labels and leaflets) But as you can see from her book has changed her mind once she looked into the vaccination issue for herself.
Everybody should look into this issue for themselves.

I want to end with the advice to all people and especially parents: vaccination should be an informed choice. You should be responsible towards your children and inform yourself on both sides of the issue and make your decisions to vaccinate, or not, as an informed decision.

And as far as I know every state of America has a waiver to get your child out of vaccination. The medical and school personnel is lying to you when they tell you full vaccination is compulsory for attendance. You can state either a philosophical or a religious reason for refusing to have your child vaccinated. Depending on which state you’re in.

Links to get you started:

Childhood shots

Global Vaccine Institute

Vaccine information centre

Gardasil: women hurt by medicine

Vaccination Myths

National Vaccine Information Centre (America)

The echo Foundation

Autism Research Institute

How to get to America

31 12 2009

Of course you have all heard about the Nigerian student to whom the American government gave a visa despite his family having alerted officials about his strange behaviour and who tried to mix an explosive aboard a plane from Amsterdam to America.

Instead of wondering about the apparent laxity of the American’s screening, full attention is now aimed to Schiphol Airport security. Maybe because they want to divert attention from the American failure to spot this man even though his own family send out warning signals???
The result is that flights to America are now subject to more stringent security measures. Although I find the current measures farcical, for instance the confiscation of a nail-clipper while once in the airplane the grannies are allowed to keep on knitting? Now I cannot really imagine a scenario where you can successfully kill somebody with a nail-clipper, but I can imagine about 10 where you can kill people with only one knitting needle.
No, my problem is that the Schiphol security have used this incident to finally bring out their super technological body scan machines and force them on the passengers.

Until now it was considered a breach of our privacy and bodily integrity to force people to undergo the scan, but now they have been given a good reason to scare people again they took advantage and now all passengers flying from Schiphol to America will be forced to allow themselves be scanned starting end of January.

The millimeter wave scan uses terahertz radiation to see through your clothes and identify foreign substances. The way terahertz waves are absorbed and emitted can also be used to determine the chemical composition of a material. It cannot see through flesh, and the waves don’t travel far inside the body.

Due to the terahertz photons not being energetic enough to break chemical bonds or ionise atoms or molecules, the chief reasons why higher energy photons such as x-rays and UV rays are so bad for us, the health risks are easily dismissed.
But these waves do infiltrate your body, and there maybe other mechanisms at work here. I do not believe that you can mess with our body in any way without changing, and usually damaging something.

The evidence that terahertz radiation damages biological systems is mixed. “Some studies reported significant genetic damage while others, although similar, showed none,” say Boian Alexandrov at the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and a few buddies. Alexandrov and co have created a model to investigate how THz fields interact with double-stranded DNA and what they’ve found is remarkable. They say that although the forces generated are tiny, resonant effects allow THz waves to unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication. That’s a jaw dropping conclusion.

And it also explains why the evidence has been so hard to garner. Ordinary resonant effects are not powerful enough to do this kind of damage but nonlinear resonances can. These nonlinear instabilities are much less likely to form which explains why the character of THz genotoxic effects are probabilistic rather than deterministic, say the team.

I find this greatly disturbing. Of course, terahertz waves are a natural part of environment, just like visible and infrared light. But these new generation of cameras do not only record terahertz waves but also bombard us with them. And if our exposure is set to increase, the question that urgently needs answering is what level of terahertz exposure is safe.

Besides the invasion of my privacy and bodily integrity, which I by no means  want to surrender to a lazy cost-aware security system, I find it a flippant disregard of the health and safety of the passengers to bombard them on a regular basis with terahertz waves without their knowledge and consent. Believe me I have looked into this and there was only one person on several Dutch forums who wondered about the terahertz waves’ health implications instead of privacy matters. Apparently awareness of the possible implications of the use of terahertz waves on our health is virtually non-existent. Of course none of the information sites about the”body-scan-machines” even mentions terahertz waves.

It may be a very long time before I can travel to America again and be with the Q…
For the afore-mentioned reasons I do categorically refuse to be scanned by terahertz waves.

And the Nigerian who tried to blow up the plane was not stopped by the American government, who gave him a valid visa, he was not stopped by Schiphol security, he was stopped by a courageous Dutchman, Jeroen Schuringa, who jumped the man, brought him down, and doused the fire.

Maybe instead of subjecting us to more humiliation, invasion of our privacy, and exposure to terahertz waves, they could prepare the passengers with some martial arts lessons while we wait for boarding. A well-trained and prepared to attack, group of passengers seems to me of far more value than all the dodgy invasive and possibly dangerous technology they are so enamoured with now.

Don’t Drink the Water!!!!!

8 12 2009

Yes, here I am, back in America, and back to the problem of ”What am I going to drink”. Usually that’s water and tea (also made of water).
Now I am used to get my water from the tap, but early this year I went to Houston, and I could not drink the tap-water because of the nauseous amounts of chlorine, the fumes wafting towards me as soon as I opened a tap.  So, when I looked up what exactly is put  into the water in America I found to my utter amazement that water in America is not only heavily chlorinated, but is still fluorated!!!! Fluoride is a neuro toxin!!!

The upshot of this is that I have to buy bottled water for my entire stay here. You see, Chlorine and especially Fluoride are dangerous poisons and I don’t want to put this into my body.  So I can write looooong posts about how there is no medical evidence for the efficacy of Fluoride as far as tooth decay goes, but there is evidence it will destroy your teeth. I could write about how the Nazi’s already used it (provided by IG-Farben, the same company who provided them with Zyklon-B used for gassing the Jews in the death camps). The Nazis laced the drinking water in the ghettos and concentration camps to control the populations. Because Fluoride does have some significant effects on the human mind besides poisoning the body. It makes you docile, and subservient, and stupid.
Fluoride is a nerve poison. In the most infinitesimal small amounts!!!

“The vital statistics provided by the health authorities of that city to the United States Public Health Service and published in ´Vital Statistics of the United States´, Part II, Table 14, for the year 1945 (the year fluoridation was installed in Grand Rapids) show that 252 persons died of cancer. Four years later, the same sources showed that the deaths in that city from cancer totaled 349. This is an increase of approximately 39 percent in cancer deaths during the first five years of fluoridation in Grand Rapids. It is significant that the records for the five years previous to the adoption of fluoridation showed an actual decrease in the cancer death rate of approximately 6 percent.” Perkins C.E. (1952): “The truth about water fluoridation”; published by the Fluoridation Educational Society, Washington D.C., pp. 32-33

The use of Fluoride is not based on medical science, it is based on lobbying. It started with the Manhattan project, ”The Bomb”.  Fluoride was essential to enrich uranium. As they used it and spilled it, plants, animals and people started dying and victims started lawsuits. Hence the spin-doctoring, the lobbying, and the indoctrination of the public with the wholly invented erroneous notion that ”Fluoride prevents tooth decay ” . Like I said: we in Europe do not fluoride our water and do not have more cavities in our teeth. If you want to prevent tooth decay, you should look at dental hygiene, nutrition, and lots of vitamin C.

And so I refuse to drink American Municipal poisoned water. Neither do I use fluorated toothpaste, or mouthwashes. Nor do I drink soda drinks which are also made using fluorised water. It is true that our bodies contain very minute traces of fluoride, but the Sodium Fluoride used to poison Americans is is industrial waste, it is a deadly poison which is entirely different from the organic calcium-fluoro-phosphate needed by our bodies to built and strengthen our bones and teeth. Organic calcium-fluoro-phosphate, derived from proper foods, is an edible organic salt, insoluble in water and assimilable by the human body. Non-organic sodium fluoride, used in fluoridation of water, is instant poison to the body and fully water-soluble.
Sodium Fluoride is an industrial waste product of the nuclear and aluminium industry.

Putting into the drinking water is also mass-medication. It ridiculous; some people drink more water, and some drink less. People with diabetes drink a lot of water so get a lot more fluoride poison into their systems. And what if you want to opt out? You have to spend a lot of money buying bottled water. And even if you choose to buy bottled water you have to check, because more and more brands are now adding fluoride poison to bottled water as well!

And to cut a very long post short, a few bullet points about Fluoride.

What Fluoride does (just a small selection of facts):

  • It makes your teeth brittle
  • It has significant effects on your thyroid
  • It reduces your IQ by ten or fifteen points
  • It weakens your bones
  • it leads to arthritis
  • It causes bone cancer
  • Populations who are exposed to fluorised water show a significant growth in deaths from cancer
  • It doubles your chance of getting heart disease
  • It makes women infertile
  • it causes pulmonary fibrosis
  • It causes mental deficits in children, attention deficit, ADHD, and others
  • It makes the menses of girls start significantly earlier
  • It makes you age much faster
  • It is the most effective rat- and insect poison; once they ingest it nothing can safe them
  • It causes sexual dysfunction in men
  • It has been used by the Nazis, Russians, and Chinese to reduce fertility, intelligence, and create docility in large groups of people
  • And it is used by America to get rid of poisonous industrial waste

Do you really want to stay silent and swallow this?

Dr Phyllis Mullenix is a brilliant scientists asked to do research on the effect of fluoride on rats. She was unwilling to waste her time on this because ”fluoride is so safe”. What she found out is that is isn’t safe, the rats became stupid, docile, and basically ”couch-potatoes”. She was ordered not to publish her findings. She did and she lost her job, and even though a brilliant scientist got blacklisted and never got another research grant. All for telling the truth: America is poisoning it’s children and reducing their IQ.

I found this very disturbing, because you see cows really suffering from fluoride poisoning, so maybe you don’t want to watch this

As a lot of my friends have young children I can ony advise to educate yourselves and make up your own mind!!! Read the following material, and watch this series on YouTube:

Recommended reading:


by Christopher Bryson

N1H1 and vaccinations

9 10 2009

And don’t die of vaccination, and don’t die of Tamiflu.

Now I’m back in the Netherlands, after experiencing the weird commercials they have on prescription drugs, and the vaccination hype in America, it seems they want to enforce vaccination in the Netherlands! And just as I thought that for once the Netherlands was staying cool about this hype, it seems that was just the silence before the storm.
I have some things to show about vaccinations:

The truth from an ex-pharma pusher: very interesting! The Pharma industrie is out to keep us sick, not to make us better. I have read the research wich proves that excercise is more effective than anti-depressants, that anti-depressants are not more effective as placebos. So in fact they are as useful as a placebo. While excercise is truly helpful. Meanwhile these anti-depressants do alter the chemical pathways in your brain making them highly addictive. Which is brilliant for the pharmaceutical industries because it means you will be buying them  for ever because you will be addicted for life! The withdrawal symptoms are so severe than many people never manage to cut loose. As people suffer so badly from the symptoms they go back to their doctors who give them heavier doses to alleviate the symptoms. etc.

The same goes for the flu-vaccins. There are new flustrains every year. However, flu-vaccins are largely ineffective. Doctors still want you to take them even though 70% of doctors do not take them themselves.

I certainly won’t take the flu-shot.

This is a good video explaining what a flu-shot is, and how much effect it has on your health. They end with the theory that vitamin D might help you against contracting the virus. While it not at all a bad idea to take vitamin D3 supplements (the majority of Americans show depleted vitamin D levels in their blood) There has been decade of scientific research which proves that Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is the real killer for any virus.

A really disturbing video on vaccines by a Merck Doctor. It’s disturbing because it shows how callous the pharmaceutical industry deals with contaminated vaccins. Including the aids virus. But there were many virusses in old vaccines, including cancer inducing virusses. They just didn’t care. ”Good science” meant you didn’t think of long term effects…

English doctors have said that vaccins are responsible for causing autism in a significant number of children.

Listen to these questions, answered by a a representative from a pharmaceurical prducer. When asked how much more chance one would have of contracting influenza she answered studies showed there is no difference. She admitted some vaccines contain mercury (a horrible poison) as a preservative. When asked if she takes the vaccine herself she answeres NO.

So why do they insist we are vaccinated? Especially against a normal, common influenza like N1H1? Influenza is a serious virus, which should be taken seriously certainly. But as I have writte before, if you take vitamin C in orthomolecular doses you can stop a virus in it’s track. Without serious side-effects, like we know Tamiflu produces, and really stopping the virus from being able to spread inside your body. Something Tamiflu doesn’t do.

Why do I call influenza a ”normal” influenza virus? Because it is. There are many virusses around, and while all are to be taken seriously, there is no reason to single out swimeflu as an extra dangerous one.

Remember the birdflu? The increadible hype around this deadly pandemic?
What happened?
Nothing happened!
You might like to know that in the USA a total of 100 people died of birdflu-related infections. That is of course 100 too many. But to put it into perspective: According to the CDC 36.000 people die every year in the united states of flu related infections!

Don’t be fooled! Don’t be lured into a pandemic scare which doesn’t exist!

Leave off the junk-food, the industrial artifact food. Don’t eat food which keeps forever, such food is embalmed, it’s got more chemicals than nutricion.
Get real fresh vegetables, cook it yourself or eat them raw.  Eat real food. Not junkfood. Take Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in orthomolecular doses (1 or more grams a day) and you and your loved ones will be safer and healthier as any pharmaceutical drug will ever make you.

for a bit of light relief: Bill Maher on Big Pharma