Tarq and getting up in the morning

26 12 2011

Is not always happening! I have a lot of pictures of the Tarq and me trying to get him up!

Sometimes I just give up. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Seroxat, Prozac and Depression

3 07 2008

Heeey, interesting news! All these bloody anti-depression-pills don’t really work! Check this out.

The treatments that do work

* Exercise: Helps some people with depression. Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, said running helped him cope with depression.
Reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy helped me with depression

* Friends: Talking through your feelings can help in mild depression with a friend or relative or in a self-help group.
Aka: blogging?

* Cognitive behavioural therapy: Teaches you to challenge negative thoughts and feelings of hopelessness.
Riding the recumbent

* Interpersonal therapy: Focuses on relationships and problems such as difficulties with communication.
Uuuhh, huh?

* Counselling: Helps you think about the problems in your life and find new ways of dealing with them.

* Antidepressants: Increasingly seen as a second-line treatment, if exercise or talking treatments do not work.
The Tarq, and medicinal Chocolate

Just to make this clear, my version of the best anti-depressant is: The Tarq! Hence his nickname ”Super-Prozac”

Very addictive, serious side-effects, dangerous accidents waiting to happen…
But no Anti-depressant can be improved upon by my Super Tarq!

quick update:

23 04 2008

Today Tarq and I played ”moving at suggestion”.

He got it pretty well. That doesn’t mean he didn’t try me out, but he did move when I asked. When he was back in the stable, and I brushed him, so no sand would get trapped under the abaya, he suddenly took off and trotted out into the (very quiet) road! Yes: 10 points to Tarq for that one. After a very short bit of teasing on his part, I could put a rope around his neck and take him back to the stable. I finished brushing him, put on his blanket, and led him to the meadow. As we entered the meadow he wanted to take off at a trot, his best trick. I held on and motioned him to move his back-end to the side as we had just practised. And he did it instantely!!!

Yes, yes, yes!!!! It makes him face me, so he can’t run off!!!! 15 extra points for me!!!!! withe the 40 points I earned during the game I’m doing very well!!!

Tarq is a darling

21 04 2008

We have been doing more ”friendly games” These games are exactely what horses play amongst themselves. So it is not Tarq learning here, but aafke.  However, while tarq is #1 wherever he goes, in these games he is #2. That takes a bit getting used to.

Tarq is not at all afraid of the stick, he likes a close examination before we begin!

Friday we used the ”carrot-stick” to give Tarq directions. Taking directions is something, going backwards too is very good of Tarq!

The score board reflects Tarq’s good behaviour!

E-mail to Tarq

16 04 2008

Dear Tarq,

I’ve been thinking over our altercation this afternoon.

I want you to know that your behaviour was completely out of line. I am sorry you can have no understanding for the fact that I am still not as agile as I should be, and that you feel the necessity to make use of that by being subversive. I feel that I am fully in my right to ask a friend to help me and do some Parelli-exercises with you. They are quite amusing and very helpful in giving some much needed balance to our relationship.

I had no idea you would take so negatively to the idea and turn aggressive. I think you are oversensitive; it is very unreasonable of you to expect you should play the boss over us, as you are a horse, and we are humans.

I did think it sweet of you to trot over to me for reassurance. And to hide behind my back. And I know that, especially as you are male, you consider me your personal property. However, that still does not give you the right, when I choose to hand you over to a trainer, to take off, and; while behind my back, to give me a forceful kick with your hind-leg.

We do realise that you chose a well-upholstered part of my anatomy (below my back), and that you used only enough force to really hurt me without actually incapacitating me for a long period. However, I am deeply incensed, and insulted at this unwarranted behaviour, and have now decided that you are going to be put through a very severe crash-course in good manners.

Yours indignantly,

Your human, Aafke