Why Women can’t Drive!

31 05 2011

Manal Al-Sharif is currently held in prison for the ”crime” of….

Driving a car!!!!!

Besides imprisonment and torture the further repercussions on her life could be severe! Manal is a professional woman, with a good job and a good salary. She is divorced and has a son. She is risking everything for the right to drive for herself and her fellow Saudi women.

Please support Manal by signing this petition!

So what are the official clerical reasons for this absurd gender based ban disabling women to drive their own cars and forcing them to be in Khalwa with unrelated foreign men?

    • removal of hijab (face veil)
    • loss of modesty in women
    • women leaving their homes, driving around because they enjoy driving
    • women rebelling, they may go out of the house and drive to place where they can find peace. As young men do, but young men are able to put up with more than women.
    • driving is a cause for fitnah, immoral men will take advantage of her when she is in need of help
    • When women drive it leads to overcrowding in the streets, or it deprives some young men of the opportunity to drive cars when they are more deserving of that.
    • it will cause the fitnah to flourish, because women will buy a new car because it’s a new model or because they will be the first one to drive it.
    • Women are too emotional to drive cars or deal with any problems they might encounter.
      Also, women’s hearts are too weak to survive the stress of driving a car.

They are all hilarious, especially the weak heart.

Women driving will deprive some young men of the opportunity to drive cars when they are more deserving of that.
Why would young men have more right to driving a car than a woman? Where does that come from? I’d say the person who really needs the car for something useful is the more ”deserving”.

And last but not least:
Women will buy a new car because it’s a new model or because they will be the first one to drive it.
Let’s have a look at the cars Saudi men buy:

Sorry but ”cars” are really more of a man-thing. Now there may be the odd woman here and there who will go further to get something flashy, but I don’t think the majority of women will outdo the majority of men in the utter bad taste demonstrated above.

Roadtrip, To California!

5 10 2009


We left Vegas, drove across Death Valley, which wasn’t as awsome an experience as I had thought. Except from the air being very, very dry, I was sitting in an airconditioned car enjoying the landscape…..

My battery died on me so the photo’s are from my camera.

So this is death valley… Other then it being very hot and very, very dry, that’s it. I had imagined something more scary.


Sometimes I wonder about the Americans. Sometimes I wonder very much…


Q told me some bozo had built a ”Water fairground” here… In the middle of the desert… Sometimes I wonder about the Americans…


Look at all that sand just blown onto the sides of the mountains!


We arrived late in the afternoon in Los Angeles, There we were going to stay for two weeks. Q had booked a large studio room with kitchen, but…
That is another story  🙂

Roadtrip – Biblebelt

11 09 2009


I’m in the middle of my roadtrip with the Q!
More posts soon! Expect lots of photo’s. I had problems getting online at the hotels we visited, but now I can write all I want 🙂
I am having a wonderful time, and seeing so many new, weird and fantastic things it seems I have been in America for a month at least!


A lot of the photos are ”drive-by-shooting”, and Q’s car’s windows are tinted, it took me a few days to get the brilliant idea to lower the window when taking a photo, still, they are a bit shaky, but you will still have to look at them :mrgreen:

The Testicle Tension Tester

18 03 2009

The Testicle Tension Tester is a scientific approach to resolving the traffic violations which are making the roads so dangerous nowadays.
Statistics are clear: Men are the primary cause for traffic accidents. The worse the accident the higher the chance it was caused by a man.
Sorry blokes: scientific fact.
And it isn’t really your fault, theoretically men are perfectly capable of driving cars. It’s simply a biological problem: Men have lots of testosterone.
This prohibits intelligent thought and responsible behavior.
Hence the awful driving.


You see, on a racing track, with all the men driving in the same direction, and no intersections, or oncoming traffic, men do fine. They still manage the occasional horrible crash of course, but it remains contained. The real problem arises when men start driving in the real world.
Because men have another disadvantage: they can not multi-task.
Men can only do one thing at a time. That isn’t so bad, if they would really do only one thing at a time, like driving when driving. But men also suffer from delusions of grandeur, they think they can: phone, internet, text, talk and drive all at the same time.
And they can’t.
Combine that with the difficulties of driving in the real world: cars, roads, intersections, crossings, other cars on the roads, traffic lights, ànd oncoming traffic…. it’s just asking for trouble. And if these aren’t challenging enough for the common male, comes the most debilitating affliction: they suffer from Testosterone.
Testosterone inspires weird thoughts in male humans:

  • It makes them think that traffic rules or red lights are for other people, but not for them, because they are above traffic rules and red lights.
  • It makes men react weirdly if they are overtaken. Testosterone makes them think that when some car overtakes them it is an ”insult” and they have to overtake that car again and if that car is driven by another male instead of a woman then things keep escalating.
  • It makes them think that driving too fast, endangering other participants in traffic is a cool thing to do.
  • It makes them think that it is reasonable to drive very close to the car in front of them if it is not driving fast enough according to their own weird testosterone driven sense of sensible speed.

So you see how dangerous traffic situations are mostly driven by males suffering from excess testosterone.

So, I was driving with a girlfriend, and we were discussing the more scary rides we had while sitting next to male drivers, and listening to the bizarre justifications they invent to assure us that they are different, they just happen to have a superior traffic-sixth-sense which enables them to disregard nonsensical stuff like traffic laws, speed limits, or red lights….
Yeah right…
And we came to the conclusion that these blokes suffer from a purely male disorder: Excess Testosterone, culminating in hard balls, cutting off blood supply to the brain, and eventually causing very dangerous driving behavior.

How to make the roads safer? We came up with a very simple, small addition, in every car

The Testicle Tension Tester

testicle tension tester

Here’s how it works:
All cars have their starter-engine blocked by default. So the engine can only be started if the TTT un-blocks the starter-engine.
The intended driver approaches the driving seat, a sophisticated pheromone sniffer (A) is installed in the seat. The sniffer will determine if the driver is either a male, or female. If the driver is female the starter engine will be unblocked. If the driver is male the TTT will start up. The man sits down in the drivers’ seat. The TTT grapple (B) will reach up and grab the subjects testicles, slowly increasing pressure using a sophisticated wire-system which is linked to a small electric engine (D). To reduce unnecessary stress during this  painful experiment, the points of the TTT’s grapple are covered with small rubber balls (C).
The results are processed in the micro-computer (E) which decides if the tension has not reached a point where total brain-shutdown, and therefore dangerous driving, will result. If that is the case then the starter engine will be unblocked.
If, however, the tension is too high to ensure Masculine Road Safety, the starter engine will not get un-blocked, and so the engine won’t start. The male driver will have to either give up the seat to a female driver, or do something to lessen the tension.
I don’t know about that stuff.
I’m a girl.

Anyway,  research indicates that road safety will be improved by at least 84,8% if the TTT is installed in all road vehicles. Let’s lobby for a worldwide distribution!

I’ve got my car back!

30 01 2008

Greetings friendly visitors!

I’ve got my car back!


My car is gone to hospital

15 01 2008

And I overdid it yesterday, and my ankle is really hurting. And now my car has been taken to the garage on a tow-truck. It’s ridiculous to be so attached to a car. So the farmer will have to look after my horses again. I wonder if I can go on my bike? No, my ankle already hurts, and it is more than an hour on bicycle. I’m going to turn into a fat slob too probably. I’ve already missed the first sword-fighting class over this.

And I’ve re-read the physiotherapists’ mail, about how I’m never going to be allright again if I’m not careful and let my ankle heal. So yesterday I’ve tried riding the Tarq, and it hurt. My ankle is twisted just enough in the stirrups to hurt quite a lot. And it also hurts if I let my legs hang down. And it hurts trying to get off.

And my car is gone. I hope so it’ll be allright.

first post

2 01 2008

Does one need an interesting life to start a blog? I suppose so. And lots of time. At the moment I have lots of time and a boring life. Except new year’s night. That was quite interesting.

Actually very scary.

So here goes:

I spend the evening with a friend in Germany, we wished each other a happy new year, went to have a look at her horses, and at 02.00 am I decided to head back home. Now it was a bit foggy as I arrived, but that was nothing to what I was now driving through. I missed a turn, and was immediately and completely lost!

After some driving around on some really weird roads, I managed to find the Dutch border, after which the roads are a bit neater, and have white stripes at the side. I needed those as the fog grew perceptibly worse.

As I was just slowing down to ”crawling-speed” the radio announced: ” Very bad fog in the north. People are advised not to go out of doors, as the view can be less than one meter. Police, Fire-brigade and other help-services, will not be venturing out except in extreme emergencies”

Great. Just as I was in the middle of Limbo. A car kept following me. Very close. I realised that ìf some idiot would crash into the back of us, they would get hit first. Excellent.

At some spots the fog lightened so much that one could actually see about three metres ahead. At those stretches I made a bit more speed, say 20 km per hour. Definitely irresponsible. With great trouble I managed to get on the highway. I was worried about that, but it was actually a bit better. Not because of less fog, but very good lines to follow. You must imagine that you can’t see the tarmac: everything in front of you is a white haze. So you can’t see the edge of the road, you can’t see the tarmac, but you can see a slightly whiter stripe, as it emerges aside from the beam of your headlights, and just before it disappears behind the side of your car. If you lose sight of it you don’t know what is left or right, up or under!

After some going, the fog lightened a bit and I sometimes went at the mindbogglingly speed of 60 km!

When I reached my hometown the fog got even denser: up to a milky substance. Had to go very slowly again, I had been followed by two cars for a while now, one of them overtook me and completely disappeared. The fog reacted almost as some kind of liquid as it passed me; it swirled as if it was milk poured into water. The only moment I had seen the actual road! The other car behind me disappeared too, I have no idea where. The traffic-lights could only be seen when you moved right underneath. When I write ”see”, I mean there was either a red, or a green glow, up in the white darkness! Two more sets of traffic-lights, and I took a turn to the left to change to the ring-road (luckily I know this place well) I lost sight of the white lines, and had to go very slowly to find something vaguely white again. These are interrupted too, which make it much more difficult to follow them.

As I crawled up the ring-road I was overtaken by a large dark car. I thought: ”What ìs it, that this bozo can see that I can’t?” Seconds later I came upon him, parked squarely on the four-lane ring-road, When I drove past he turned his car in the right direction and followed me. That’s right dude, follow the intelligent female. He kept following me when I drove down the ring-road to my exit, changed his mind, and disappeared. I hope all these disappearing people arrived at their destinations safely.

I managed to put the car somewhere safe, and found my house. On foot you couldn’t see much either. It was around 6 in the morning. Was I glad to be safely back!!!!

Next day some people asked me: did you remember that movie? ”The Fog” ?

No, thank heaven; I didn’t. Read the rest of this entry »