Book review: The Zombie Survival Guide

16 03 2012

Time for my second book review. I like survival guides and Max brooks ”The Zombie Survival Guide (complete protection from the living dead)” is one of the best out there.
of course it is of some use to know which aquatic plants are edible, or how to make them edible, but no other books in the survival genre tackle the real important issue of how to survive a zombie attack.
The ZSG is very comprehensive, and I do have to admit repetitive at times,  but considering how dense humanity is at this moment in time, completely oblivious of the dangers of a zombie outbreak, I think a bit of repetition cannot hurt.

The ZSG contains information such as a decription of ”Solanum” the substance, virus, spores, whatever it is, which is believed by most scientists to be responsible for the infection which turns normal, dull, brain dead humans into the walking dead, brainless, killing machines we call ”zombies”.

From classic zombie behavior to relocation out of densely populated areas, and even the dangers of roaming bands of unscrupulous fellow-survivors has not been forgotten. There is also a very interesting section describing recorded zombie attacks over the course of history. From reading these it is clear that for all their limited ancient weaponry the ancient Romans were the most effective in dealing with any zombie outbreak.

Talking about weapons, although I do not concur with some of the choices of weaponry, you will never see me with a crappy M-16 in an apocalyptic zombie-war, give me an AK-47 anytime, especially the improved version made today. And unless you can lay your hands on an extremely rare, expensive antique Japanese katana, I would not trust my life to the substandard blades sold today outside of Japan as ”katanas”. I have a folded steel Chinese Liyue Dao. However, a sturdy machete can be handled by every one is very effective and should be everybody’s #1 choice for home defense. I am also in huge favor of the trench-spike for those really close encounters.
The real importance of the book is that it makes you think: Have you stockpiled enough, and the right weapons? Is your house well stocked? Are you prepared? Do you have a plan for relocation in case of a more widespread zombie outbreak?
To be prepared and make all necessary preparations to help you survive the next global zombie outbreak this book is the best way to start.

So what’s my rating? Six stars!


No home should be without The Zombie Survival Guide!

This music video of Metallica contains historic Russian film clips and explains some of the origins of Solanum. It’s got Spanish subtitles, but it is the best version I could find.

For the most realistic zombie movie, also containing lots of important tips and strategies, as well as examples of what not to do, watch ”Shaun of the dead”


1 04 2010

I like Sufis. They are spiritual and kind. They sing,  make music, dance, and their goal is to come close to God. Music poetry and dance are used to bring one closer to God.
Unlike the Saudi Wahhabi strain of Islam which seems to have as it’s goal to quench all pleasure out of life and make people, and especially women, as unhappy and suffering as possible. It seems to me they think that if your life here, on God’s beautiful planet, is to make it hell, then God loves you and will reward you in Jannah.

Meanwhile all these intolerant deluded scholars have many worldly distractions which taint their teachings, they seem to me to be far to much interested in money, power, influence, etc. Hence the idiotic fatwa’s they give out.
Sufis are usually not rich, but they are happy.

Check out the blog of Irving. A man with a truly beautiful and spiritual soul.
And I can recommend you read his book, ”Master of the Jinn”. It’s an exciting adventure, and at the same time oozes spirituality, and you learn a lot about Sufism. While reading a tale of adventure, magic and friendship.
I wrote a book review on ”Master of the Jinn”, click here.

I just watched this great documentary on youtube. Watch all five parts!

Bookreview: Master of the Jinn

23 09 2009

Happy Eid to whom it may apply. I know it’s a bit late but I am soooo busy!!!!!!
In a good way!
Ok, to celebrate Eid I have added a new category: ”bookreview”

I’m starting off with the book written by fellow blogger Irving Karchmar, writer, poet and darvish.

master of the Jinn

If you are lucky, you can from time to time get the book for free in Pdf, but I also have brought the book for real, I like reading proper books. It’s available at Amazon.

Master of the Jinn is a gripping story, while it teaches you a lot about the sufi philosophy, and is written in a beautiful poetic style, it also keeps you sitting on the edge of your chair with it’s imaginative and exiting quest.

A mysterious papyrus in a container is found, (in a mysterious manner) which turns out to be sealed by the legendary seal ring of ………, said to give the power of controlling the Jinn.
Following this discovery an unlikely group comes together, becomes friends, and are send out by a modern day sufi master on the quest to find this ancient ring.
But after many adventures the quest leads them further than the world we know….

The quest itself turns out to have a different goal as first thought…

And almost everybody ends up a sufi.

I enjoyed reading this book. It is beautiful and exciting. You can get it from Amazon, or Irving’s website.