A rare rainy day in Dallas

11 09 2015


New project, some of the ”Daily Paintings” are going to show the Dallas skyline, and I plan on making 36 of them. Yes, just like Hokusai’s very famous, ”36 views of mount Fuji” (of which there are 46). Anyway, here is the very first of them:

A rare rainy day in Dallas
oil in panel
6” by 6”

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3 responses

11 09 2015

It is beautiful, but also reminds me of the dark winter days in Groningen. Brrr.

11 09 2015

Ah, but you are well off in Canada, In Dallas, 40C and humid, and the sun is literally hurting me, I yearn for Dutch weather. I always approved of Dutch weather anyway. I like it. My kind of weather.
You know what? you should pop over here in winter, get some sunshine and light!
While it was raining here, and the temperature did drop a bit, it was still hot and humid. 😦

11 09 2015

Thanks, Aafke. The weather in Vancouver is nicer than in Groningen. We have lots of rain (more than Groningen) but we lack the ‘water cold’ that comes with it. We hardly have any wind storms or windy weather (in the city). If it’s rainy it feels like warm rain, not that ‘water cold’ temperature that goes to your bones. I would love to come visit you in winter and get some sunshine.

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