Daily painting, the Tarq enjoying a good roll

30 04 2015


The Tarq is doing so well! He is very happy, he is enjoying himself, and apart from me having to give him his snacks, apples and carrots, in his trough, you’d never know anything has ever happened!

He is finally shedding his winter coat. He is looking very shabby now, And so I spend a lot of time brushing him. After which he needs to get a bit more of a bohemian look back. That’s what I think. Otherwise…


I used a really limited palette for this painting,


Yet look at the range of colours!

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3 responses

25 07 2015
Lofter (aka Fat Jeff)

Hello, my friend! I just wanted to touch base, as it’s been a while. Hope you are well and happy! Best wishes always! ~Lofter 🙂

25 07 2015

Hey Lofter! I was thinking of you this week! How nice to see you! How are you?

25 07 2015

Doing well, thank you! Glad to hear from you! 😀

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