29 03 2012

Guess what I found in The Tarq’s big bag of carrots???

A Cthulhu Carrot!

I am going to sell it on E-bay! If you can get a couple of thousand dollars for a piece of toast with the face of Jesus, I could surely get a few dollars for a carrot which is an exact portrait of Cthulhu:mrgreen:

I’ve listed it, click here to watch (and bid) on my Cthulhu carrot!



7 responses

29 03 2012

As long as it isn’t monstrous and rubbery, someone will buy it. Maybe even then. Put it on ebay!

29 03 2012

becomingcliche, welcome to my blog 🙂 It’s monstrous but not rubbery… you are scaring me… I have put it on ebay. Let’s see what happens! LOL! That thing is so perfect Cthulhu I have been laughing about it ever since I found it!
I can’t believe the eyes, they look so good!

29 03 2012
American Bedu

It looked like an orange hand to me!

1 04 2012
Hasan Ismail

When i looked at it i just remembered the see animal the octopus

1 04 2012

That’s what Cthulhu looks like! Sort of…

3 04 2012

So much catching up to do on your blog. I had to laugh when I saw this. It has such expression!

19 04 2012

Glad you had a good laugh, the carrot has in some strange way withered and is no more…
Once again the power of the Ancients has manifested itself!

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