This is a sad day for humanity

16 12 2011

These are big words, but they are true. I am really sad because today I heard that Christopher Hitchens died.
Christopher Hitchins was a man of great feeling, great compassion, great feeling, great intellect, a debater, a great writer, a great humanitarian, the owner of a great sense of humor.
In short, he was a great man.

Christopher, or Hitchins, or Hitch, has been a great influence for good for many people. He was a prolific writer and intrepid journalist, who has never taking anything back in expressing his opinions, whether it was on Politics, dismantling the fake myth of Mother Theresa, or battling the evil of religion. I consider him the greatest debater of our time, and his worldwide admired accent makes listening to his arguments and book readings extra enjoyable. His brilliant retorts to the most aggressive, stupid or silly opponents has resulted in a new word for the English language, the ”Hitchslap”.

Christopher has written a long list of books on many different subjects, they are all good, but for the last part of his life he was engaged in battling the evil of religion, he can say it much better than I can:

The world has lost a great man.




3 responses

16 12 2011

He will be missed 😦

18 12 2011

It is the first time i hear about him but he seemed like a genuis
any rights defender is a good man

18 12 2011

Moq, there’s nobody like him. I think we will not see anybody like him. 😦

Hasan, I suggest you check out his books, or at least check videos about him on you tube.

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