This is so brilliant!

9 12 2011

You know, seeing something like this makes me happy to move to America:

Library parking building in Kansas




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9 12 2011

Wow. Cool. Where in the US are you moving to. What about Tark I hope he is coming with.

9 12 2011

Hum, moving to Texas…
I always said it’s a package deal, Sim, Zora and the Tarq are coming with me!
And all my books.

10 12 2011

Texas. I lived there for a while. Bible belt area. Some areas far more religious than others. Of course it has been a while. I still have some family there. So what is the weather typically like where you are now?

10 12 2011

Oh, hey I figured out the number references on top: 00:26:49 is military time. 26 minutes after midnight and 49 seconds. Sometimes I can be slow.

10 12 2011

Military time? We call it the 24 hour clock.
Where I am now? Cold, Grey skies, and raining. Much nicer than Texas.
The things one does for love…

10 12 2011

In the states a 24 hour clock is called military time. Typical law enforcement, security, and military use it more than the rest of the populace. Texas has been going through a major drought. It can be hotter than puragatory there. Why did you pick Texas? I hated, I mean hated fire ants, humitity(97 to 100%), tornatoes, hurricanes, and large damn bugs that could carrying you off.

10 12 2011

It’s for love. because, besides the ridiculous heat, and fire ants, and tornadoes, and hurricanes and large damn bugs, and lets not forget the super religious, my dreamrabbit lives there.

10 12 2011

Should he ever question your love you should remind him of your sacrifices. Then added to my list. On the plus side there are amusement parks, nice museums, horse country, national parks, rafting, the list continues. I however prefer something less humid or hot.

15 12 2011

It’s too bad you had to move for love since you find Texas such a miserable place. Did he not offer to move to make you happy? Or does the woman always have to sacrifice? Just curious since I find you quite the feminist yet this seems like the same ol’ stuff women always do. It’s sweet though.

I’m not sure why we don’t do the 24 hour clock. We do AM and PM instead. Backward again,I suppose. Ah well, I’m used to it.

Best wishes on your move!

15 12 2011

I really have a problem with the heat, I don’t like it in the Netherlands, and it’s unbearable in Texas. I really don’t know how I am going to cope with that. Why I am the one to move? I am an artist, I can work wherever on the planet, he has a job, and responsibilities. I have not. Except for the hassle of moving and bringing my pets I am quite free to go wherever on the planet.

If I had the big job and he was the carefree artist I would expect him to move.
And The dreamrabbit doesn’t speak Dutch and I am fine with English.
There are perks in moving, I already made a few friends in Texas, maybe I’ll sell more art, it’s an adventure, and the dreamrabbit will make me happy. And I will be going back to the Netherlands from time to time.

And what I really like about America is that they all loooove my ”accent” 😉 hihihihiiiii! Instant approval without having to exert myself. Me like!

In England it’s AM and PM too, there’s nothing backward about it, but I really had to think about that every time, just to make sure I had it right. It’s all what one is used to, yes.
A 24-hour clock is easier for somebody like me who is chronologically challenged. A 24 digital clock is the only kind of clock where I don’t make mistakes!

btw, in England they had a different way of describing the half hour, if it is 10.30 you could say, in Dutch, it’s half eleven. But in England they would say half ten. Very confusing!

I have huge problems with Fahrenheit instead of Celcius. I do think Fahrenheit is obsolete and nineteenth century, They use Fahrenheit in England too. Luckily you can get immediate conversion charts on the internet.

What I like very much is American cooking books and recipes using cups and table spoons etc. So much easier than Dutch cooking books with use so many grams of this and so many grams of that, and you have to weigh and measure everything.
What a fuss, when you could just use these nifty sets of measuring cups!

15 12 2011

Thanks for sharing all that. I really enjoy this type of information for some reason. 🙂

Yes, good point about why you moved and he didn’t. I am sorry if I sounded discourteous about it. I was truly curious, but that makes tons of sense!

Yes, Americans tend to like accents like yours (and other European ones)!

See,I am used to the Fahrenheit thing so I dont’ have problems with it. I guess it’s what you grow up with and are used to. My Syrian friend lives in Germany now so I use the internet conversion thing from time to time to see what the weather is like where he is.

Interesting about telling the time and how the English say it compared to how you say it in Dutch. I’d say 10:30 as either “ten thirty” or “half past ten.” 10:45, on the other hand, would be “ten forty five” or “quarter ’til eleven.”

Maybe for AM and PM you can remember A comes before P in the alphabet so the first half of the day is A and the second half is P.

Again, enjoyed this comment. Thanks for taking time to share. And post about this sort of thing from time to time if you feel up to it.

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