This is our home

23 11 2011

This is our place in the universe. Just contemplate how unimportant all our squabbles are. How silly leaders and generals are to kill for territory. How silly to kill for a religion, which last only for an instance in celestial time as they come and go over the millennia. This is all we have got, and it could be paradise. It should be paradise.

Let’s all be nice to each other.



2 responses

23 11 2011
American Bedu

The video would not play. Instead I received a message that it had been removed by the user.

However, you are right – squabbles are unimportant and really trivial in the whole scheme of things. We should enjoy each and every day to the fullest and never take our loved ones for granted.

23 11 2011

This is weird, that video has been removed by several sources, however, here is another one.

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