New Orleans!

14 11 2011

So I am returned from New Orleans. The Q drove all the way, and we would have made brilliant time if we didn’t got stuck in traffic from Baton Rouge onwards adding another 2 hours to the trip. We were very tired and frustrated, and we didn’t fight. The Q is the best!

It was a Basenotes meet up, Basenotes is the forum where I go to learn about perfumes and where everybody is super nice. It was a lovely visit, New Orlkeans is a magical place and I et new friends, and we were treated and got gifts from Avery Perfumery, Saks fifth Avenue, Bourbon french and Hové.

Houses in New Orleans, close to the apartment we rented.

No, this is not a collection of drugs, this is the collected perfume samples we all brought to share out!

I got to see a Mississippi riverboat!

Bourbon French Perfumes

A street in the French Quarter

Hove perfume shop. All perfumes are made on site and exclusive to Hové. All ingredients (except musk) are natural!

I saw this brilliant bottle in the window of the Pharmacy museum, alas, we had no time to go there in the day time.

I so adore this tea cup and tea pot, I saw it in the window at night, but we didn’t have time to go there in the daytime. it would probably be way too expensive anyway… 😦

last morning, at our apartment, we invited everybody for sunday brunch. We couldn’t find an open supermarket on Saturday evening, so we had to made do with the food I had brought and some things we brought a a convenience store, but we managed to make a really good brunch!
Here you see the left over samples and basenoters going through them!

In from of the apartment

My haul from the weekend: two perfumes from Hové, one from Bourbon, and a sample pack from Bourbon, and a bottle of Aperçu by Houbigant which ”C Rose” gave me!

We got a very well filled goodie bag from Saks Fifth Avenue, and a bag of smaples from Bourbon French Perfumery. And although we were too late to attend, Quarry brought me a sample bag from Avery fine perfumes.

The samples I choose from the mountain brought in by the Base notes members!

Somebody left this mystery bag in our appartment. Will the true owner now stand up?





2 responses

7 12 2011

I used to live in New Orleans and loved it! Great food, great perfume, interesting history and a great place to imbibe if one is so inclined. Mardi Gras is amazing. Hope you had a great time.

7 12 2011

We had a lovely time! I only wish we had more time so i could have made some sketches and more photo’s and we could enjoy the city more.

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