21st of October: Armageddon!!!

6 10 2011

You do remember the rapture don’t you? That was when all the good Christians were lifted off the Earth and we sinners were left.

Pity one doesn’t really notice the difference.

However, this month is it.
The final bit
The End

Note the date:

October 21

Now you might wonder what will cause the end and why it is on the 21st exactly?
Not quite sure

the Q and I àre getting married on the 20th…..



9 responses

6 10 2011

Ooooh, Aafke, I’m so happy for you! Congrats!

6 10 2011

Thank you!
I am very happy!

8 10 2011

Congrats! I can’t wait to see pictures! 🙂 My anniversary is 10/25. I love October!

12 10 2011

It was more a matter of convenience, as long as we get married!
But I am prepared for all weathers!
The dress is finished, the rings are in, almost set, the only thing I need is the Q!

16 10 2011

Congrats Aafke! I hope you and Q have a lovely wedding! All the best in your future together!

26 10 2011

very best wishes for ahappy married life Aafke.
Oct wedding are lovely – ours is on the 24th ..
hope you have a great day and a wonderful future together.

31 10 2011


Many congratulations. I hope your life together is wonderful and that all your future anniversaries are better than the last. I am commenting a bit late but the wishes are very sincere none the less…miss your comments. Oh yes…and some photos of the lovely dress and occasion please!

1 11 2011

Congratulations!!! I’d been wondering where you’ve been! My wedding anniversary is October 20th too! What a wonderful day for a wedding.

8 11 2011

How cool! We have the same wedding anniversary!

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