Looking for a wedding dress

5 08 2011

So I have been looking around for wedding dresses. If there’s a style I absolutely don’t want it’s the strapless-barbie-cake-wedding-dress.
Well guess what?
All wedding dresses are strapless-barbie-cake-wedding-dresses.
At first I wondered why, but I know why: it’s not fashion, it’s cheaper.
You need less material, obviously, but they are also much easier to fit.

And that’s not all, apparently you need a hairstylist who does this complicated hairdo, tiara, veil, make-up artist, bridal bouquet Γ nd throw-bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres…

And apparently wedding dresses have to have beading, and tucks without function and a straight decolletage line which never looks good on a woman with more, ehm, ”bust”, not to mention the dreaded ”Monobosom”.

To get sleeves you quickly come to the ”Temple-ready” dresses, which I suppose are for Mormons? Which look as if they took a strapless dress, and added some lace or fabric on top and added some sleeves and they look distinctly meh as a result. Besides, those tacky bell shaped skirts combined fabric up to your neck and long sleeves look even worse!

So one could google ”modest wedding dress” which turns up hideous dresses, and strangely enough immodest dresses, and lots of religious dresses, and when I looked at this picture, one of the many Muslim modest bridal gowns,

a thought came up: ”What is the single most useless profession in the world?

Muslim bridal hairstylist!

Still thinking about what to wear though…



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5 08 2011

Knowing you, you could design and practically make your own, right? I’d love to see what you come up with! πŸ™‚

5 08 2011

Yes I could, but I don’t want to. I don’t want the hassle and the stress, I just want to enjoy myself. My mum had a lovely Dior dress, and I was thinking of re-creating that one. But where will I get the fabric? All good fabric shops have closed over the last years, also the best stalls with real quality cloth have gone from our cloth market.
I was thinking of going on a shopping spree in London and get some really lovely fabric, but then I have so many other things to do. And after all it’s a one day dress! Please! I don’t want to pay more than $200,- for it.
I’ve been looking on E-bay, I will find something.
Something which doesn’t look like a five year old’s design for her Barbie doll!

i am going to do my flowers, hair and make up myself, I am going to paint or embellish my shoes, I am going to make my own veil, I am designing my invites, and I will literally PRINT them myself with letterpress… I will have enough DIY projects going on anyway

5 08 2011

Yes, I understand it’s a lot of work. I was halfway joking, but wouldn’t have put it past you since you are so talented. πŸ™‚ I found my dress in a consignment shop and was pleased enough not to have to keep looking for something decent to wear. And not having to spend a small fortune on a dress I wore only one day.

I’m sure everything will be lovely! I hope you will share pictures!!

5 08 2011
American Bedu

Order fabric from China!!

It’s funny…all the Saudi weddings I’ve been to the bride wears a modern wedding dress with elaborate hairstyle and make-up.

I know that YOUR wedding is going to be very elegant and tasteful!

6 08 2011

Hi! I got married outside in a snowy winter and wore a long white shearskin coat with a hood…with the fur on the outside (it is reversable) .this solved alot of problems as to a dress : )

11 08 2011

Depending on how traditional-looking you want it to be, you could just check out other special-occasion dresses, such as nice evening gowns. I hope that you are able to find one that works well for you! You could also check out thrift stores, but thrift store shopping can turn into a lot of shopping for nothing! :/ I’m sure you’ll look lovely no matter what you end up with! ❀ And above all else, remember to enjoy your wedding day; it should be a day of celebration!

11 08 2011

Shiny fluff, that sounds very good! Actually I have a lovely cape for that winter wedding, but I still need a dress underneath. πŸ˜‰

Strangeone, Well, there’s traditional and traditional. Apparently nowadays ”traditional” means the barbie-cake-dress. You can get great bargains here on secondhand dresses, but I never fit into anything confection due to the large bust. And it would take up far too much time. And I don’t want a ”traditional” wedding dress anyway. I spend a lot of time with one of my best friends looking for the right dress, and we settled on a ballgown which was on discount! Much better. I noticed anyway that there is a 200% mark-up as soon as something had ”wedding” or ”bridal” attached to it.
So it has always been my plan that if I can’t find a nice dress to get the cheapest white gown from a shop here and paint is or embroider it with pearls. Their cheapest dress is a very nice design, I have one in black.

I can’t agree more. I want fun and a good time, and no hassle. So I am already not going to get hassled finding ”The PERFECT dress”!

Choices so far are: Make my own, modeled on my mum’s Dior dress, very simple, elegant cocktail style dress, borrow my aunt F’s dress, get the cheapest white ballgown (nice model), or get one directly from China. I noticed all these wedding dresses come from China anyway,so why not go straight to the source?
I have decided I like the vintage 50’s style best as it would be elegant and suit my figure very well. I can get one custom made in China, and as soon as my trial over-bust corset is finished I could use that to get measured and order the dress.

29 08 2011

or you could forget about a dress and I could dress you up in a beautiful sari πŸ™‚ no bust issues there !!!

30 08 2011

Alternately I can drape you in a georgeous saree and no bust issues either πŸ™‚

13 09 2011

Radha, i would love a saree! I have actually been looking at sarees, they are so pretty and elegant.
I am making my own dress, now, it is going well. I will post ion it, but the Q, although he knows all about is, is not allowed to actually see it until I’m in it πŸ˜‰

23 09 2011

that is v impressive, and you get exactly what you want .. post it aafke. I’d love to see it.

6 10 2011

Yes temple ready dresses are for Mormons

6 01 2012

Believe it or not muslim brides will pay alot to have their hair done. It’s the one day where she can do it because the one man she isn’t related to is a holy man and the rest are normally family. If some are friends then maybe due to personal preference she will have her hair on show but I promise a lot do. The reason you don’t see any of these is because a pretty hijab on a wedding dress allows everyone to know who they are marketing for and without it alot of people would whinge.

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