SciFi Fun!

27 07 2011

Do you like anything and everything SciFi?
Watch this amusing, camp, totally dated 1967 English pilot for a series that was never sold πŸ™‚

(Love the girly well cut clinging spacesuit with bow on the helmet! Woehahahahaaaaa!)




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1 08 2011

I love SF, but the love goes away when the execution is bad. The special effects aren’t too bad for the time and place, but the acting… OMG!

At least one of the actors–Derek Fowlds–did make something of himself with a more-or-less permanent role in ‘Yes Minister’ though…

1 08 2011

Hi John!
It’s horrible, but that’s part of the fun!
How clever of you to notice Derek Fowlds!!!! I love yes, Minister, and Yes, Prime minister!!!! Made me understand politics so much better 😈

7 12 2011

So are you a trekker?

7 12 2011

More like a nerd. I am actually more into Bab V than Star Trek.

7 12 2011

Now there is a show I haven’t seen in a while Bab V. Enjoyed that one as well. Also like BSG the newest version and SGU. I love sci-fi.

7 12 2011

I think Bab V was the best.
Although I liked Firefly very much too

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