The Q is coming!

21 07 2011

The Q is coming to visit me!  So I thought I’d share some information about the Netherlands to prepare him for the culture shock.
Or the climatic shock.

Now most people always tell me they are aware of that the Netherlands is flat. What most foreigners do not realize is that the Netherlands is really flat.
I mean really totally absolutely table-top-flat flat!

Here are some pics:

Up till now you see the lovely blue sky on the photos, that is because these photographers sat for weeks and weeks in a certain spot, with a tent and endless mugs of coffee, to be able to make a decent looking photo.
This would be more normal:

So here you see part of Europe on a picture from a weather site. The part which is completely covered by dark rainclouds is the Netherlands:

Dutch street scene:

I will also be taking to Q to Amsterdam for a few days.

So, Q, enjoy your visit!




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21 07 2011
Personal Failure

I’m now adding the Netherlands to places I should visit. Even with the rain clouds, those pictures are gorgeous.

22 07 2011

How pretty! So does it rain for days and days and then finally you get a teeny bit of sun? How hot does it get? And for how long?

Thanks for sharing about your country!

26 07 2011

PF, it is very pretty here. And all that rain makes for an abundance of happy green plants!

Susanne, It can get pretty hot, depends also on where the wind is coming from. The sea and the proximity of a warm water flow in that sea gives us a moderate wet climate. But when the wind comes from the east we get the land climate normal for this latitude. Then it can become very hot in summer, and very cold in winter.
The weather is always a surprise, here.

28 07 2011


No matter how flat the Netherlands is , I am sure the Curves of the Dutch women more than make up for its flatness . hehehehehe

1 08 2011

You naughty Daggero!
The Q will have nothing to complain about!
I am planning a brilliant stay for him!

3 08 2011

Thats also why Dutch farmers call farm land platteland or “flatland” which curiously is also used by the Boer people in South Africa to describe farm land, only the farm land in SA is anything but flat. 🙂
Also the summer in the Netherlands has so far been a complete disaster, it’s not that it’s raining like in the pics…it’s the constant overcast grey gloomy skies.Rain is a fun refreshing thing if you are under a constant hot humid blanket of thick grey cloud.

5 08 2011

After coming back from Dallas with over 100” I was very happy with the overcast grey skies. And the normal temperatures. And the rain. I walked in the rain last night without a coat and I still love it.
Dallas was horrible! It will take a long time for me to be again disgruntled with the rain and the overcast grey skies.

5 08 2011

Oh yeah, Dallas has been on the news lately for their string of 100+ days. Ugh. Texas is awful in the summer. Well, it’s been hot where I live too. Only I’m halfway used to it since I grew up in the South. I still can’t imagine YOU living in this weather after your life in the Netherlands. Any chance you and the Q can live in your home instead of his? Or maybe have two homes…one to escape the heat of TX summers and one to go to when you want to leave the rain of Europe.

Your area sounds more like Seattle and Portland.

7 12 2011

Wow. Looks beautiful. Definitely will have to add the Neatherlands to the want to visit list.

7 12 2011

Uhm, this post was meant to tease the Q because he doesn’t like rain.

Welcome to my blog!

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