I miss my pets :(

2 07 2011

I miss my pets so much. And worse, I know they miss me and are wondering why I am not there to look after them.

I just had a dream, just before I woke up. I was so real I could feel it, and I was convinced I was back home.
I felt my cat walk  over the bed, over my stomach and sit on my chest in that annoying possessive way he has. It felt so real I thought I must have traveled and be back home. I opened my eyes and he looked lovingly into mine and I looked lovingly into his, he kneaded mu chest and said, in a very strange voice which I knew was so typical for him, ”Can… Can cats come back?”

And I had this horrible feeling that something had happened to him, that he was dead and had searched half the globe for me and was terribly pleased he had found me. And then he faded and I woke up.

And now I feel really unhappy and sad…



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2 07 2011
American Bedu

I do understand how you miss your pets as they are also an integral part of the family. Can you contact whoever is caring for them and have them send you a pic of them so you know they are doing fine?

6 07 2011

😦 Oh darling! I know how you must be feeling miserable. Yes, I agree with AB. Maybe you could request a photo?

Will you be back home around August? I may be in your town and would love to meet you if you are there.

8 07 2011

I will be going home in two days. But now I already feel bad for leaving the Q 😦
Yes, I will be home around August, what’s more, the Q may be there end of August too!
So Yihaaaa! Lets meet up!

6 07 2011

What a lovely, cute picture!

9 07 2011

Aww, it’s not easy to leave your dream rabbit 😦 You guys are so cute!

The kids would love to meet their fairy godmother and if the fairy godfather is there too it would be double cheer! I’ll email you as soon as we plan the trip!

21 07 2011

I am back… Took me a while to respond yes, and the Q is coming end of August beginning of September!
Well he’ll probably come.
And so we will (probably) spend the last days in Amsterdam with friends.

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