Hermes Hermessence

28 06 2011

I wrote to Hermes to ask if they would let me have a few samples of their new, and very expensive, Hermessence line.
I didn’t hear anything from them but guess what arrived two weeks later? Six large 4mm samples in lovely Hermès cardboard envelopes.

Thank you Hermès! Very generous!

I thoroughly enjoyed the samples.
I was given:

  • Poivre Samarcande, A wonderful peppery fragrance which keeps me going back to my wrist to sniff it! My favorite!
  • Rose Ikebana, very good rose perfume, my second favorite. It doesn’t seem to last very long on my skin though. But it is lovely
  • Vanille Galante, Now I don’t like Vanilla nor gourmand, so i liked this one less, but if you are into these you should give this one a try!
  • Paprika Brasil, very nice, very spicey, tickles my nose a bit. unsual and enjoyable. In the drydown I get something vaguely sunthetic on my skin which I don’t like very much.
  • Brin the Reglisse, very original and a joy to experience. Although very unusual, not what most people expect from a fragrance, I would wear it a lot were it not for the liquorice note which I personally ahve a problem with.
  • Ambre Narguilé, I did not get the amber in this, While it is very interesting, and warm and comfortable, I smell a lot of vanilla, and I don’t like Vanilla.

I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to experience these very special Ellena compositions.




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