Dressage with an Arab horse

6 06 2011

Is hopeless!

Here you see what happened when I came to visit my horse with wild plans of doing some serious training.

This horse is not awake!

And he never got any more awake…

He was still sleeping when  I left!!!!



7 responses

6 06 2011
Personal Failure

See, now that’s the horse for me.

6 06 2011

Aw, how cute. He wanted a day of rest and cuddle with his Aafke. 🙂

6 06 2011

Personal failure, Uhm, let me put it this way: Tarq is a horse of opposites…

Susanne, no, he just wanted a day of rest and didn’t mind resting together.
It was very nice and restful.

6 06 2011
American Bedu

those pics illustrate a loved horse who has been well-trained!

8 06 2011
Mackenzie | Red Roan Chronicles

Hah, great photos! And I particularly love his pajamas. 😀

16 06 2011

And so many of you thought the “arab spring” was a good thing… 😆

24 06 2011

Jonolan, in his case it’s the ”Arab Sleepover”!

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