Tomorrow is IT!

20 05 2011

Ok, so Potholer54 is in Australia and he hasn’t noticed anything yet… (It’s past 12 ‘o clock there so the 21st is on there)
Although the Rapture is happening there right now he was still able to upload a video, with a nice list of earlier doomsday profecies. Starting with Jesus himself who predicted he would return before a generation had passed.

Except he didn’t.

And if Jesus doesn’t know, I think some decrepit geriatric in America, (Land of the Loonies) will probably have it wrong too. So I am not really that scared.

However, Potholer does end the video with a prediction of his own, and one I actually do believe in.

Potholer54 made an excellent video two weeks ago about the signs, especially earthquakes and god’s upcoming wrath:

Oh, and PS, I have been walking around with a whopping cleavage today, so if there is an earthquake in the Netherlands this weekend, even though we are nowhere near a faultline , it’s probably not the end of times, but my fault entirely.



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