Rapture Countdown (2011 version). 5 Days to go!

16 05 2011

If you were wondering when the actual end of the world is, this is set for October 17 2011. Which leaves enough time for this year’s, final, Wacken Heavy Metal Festival.
And I read on one of the many rapture sites that all plants and animals will burn and be destroyed and turned into ash. That is só unfair!
I am wondering if I really want to be saved, because I an starting to think that God is a really nasty  dude.

So here’s my diary so far:

Monday 16

Peducure for horses, find job
Make more lists
Work on painting

Tuesday 17

Clean house dig up my bible and start reading. Go to the market to buy fruit and vegetables

Wednesday 18

Keep reading the bible and start making a pattern for a fifties style dress. (which I will need to ascend to heaven in)
Take painting to the framers
Visit the Tarq

Thursday 19

Make appointment at hairdressers for Friday, start making 50s style dress.
Train the Tarq and try to make him behave well.
Learn how to knit.

friday 20

Preparations: Laundry, housecleaning, loo has to be spotless.
go to the Tarq and wash the Tarq
Go to hairdresser for that rapture look hairdo.
Hide all flying-brooms in cupboard, as well as all wicca handbooks.

Saturday 21

Check list, dress up in 50s dress, hair perfect, sit and wait.



5 responses

16 05 2011

I thought it was May 21st? Hmm..I gotta rethink my plans now.

16 05 2011

Hi welcome to my blog!
Yes, it’s May 21. Yesterday it was 6 days to go right? I just checked my Diary.
Which made me wonder… Why does my diary contunue after October 17? Seems a waste of paper and ink to me…

16 05 2011

Whoa, you’re right! I wrote this yesterday but posted today! It’s 5 days! I will edit the post!

17 05 2011

is it may or oct????

If it’s May21st then i dont need to get my house cleaned on fri right??
no laundry either. and my daughter tells me she DOES not NEED to prep for tests….

17 05 2011

Well, that depends, if you get to be ”chosen” then I cannot imagine it would matter. On the other hand, considering the Stepfordish element in all Rapture illustrations I have seen, maybe if you fail this last days in your duties as a proper, well-trained housewife, then you won’t get chosen after all….
Oh, and you do realize only Christians get chosen? White Christians? With really neat hair?

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