The alternative explanation

25 04 2011

I have been thinking, and worrying, about the serious and deadly tsunamis which are punishing humanity lately. It is high time we do something about these tsunamis and make them stop. Now many religious leaders have the right idea and blame our irreligious ways, gay marriage, people having sex, and the rise of atheism. But I see a controversy here: they don’t have it quite right.

You see, while there maybe people having sex, and gay people, and scientists, and atheists all over the place, so are religious weirdos, religious fundamentalists, suicide killers, etc. There’s Al qaida, the tea-baggers, the creationists, and they are all doing well! Amassing huge fortunes, indoctrinating scores of children, these people are working very hard and are quite successful!
Yet it clearly is not enough.
Because they have it wrong! All thse people pray to the monotheistic desert god first invented by the Jews, later appropriated by the Christians, and Muslims, who then, although they all worship the same god, still think they have to kill each other.

Ok, so all this religious  insanity we see around these days doesn’t seem to have enough effect to stop or even decrease the severity of the tsunamis. The truth is, (as proven by what’s happening) that they are all praying to the wrong god.
The correct god to pray to if you are worried about tsunamis is: Poseidon

I mean, look at this noble face, the beard, the intelligent forehead. You can see how the later religions derived their idea of how god looks after Poseidon’s image. But they left his worship, and now we are being punished!

And so Poseidon is woefully neglected nowadays. Not only that, as far as I know he never even had temples build in Japan or the far east. No wonder these places are the first to get hit!

We need to re-asses our religious believes and pray to those gods that actually have an official task. Wodan or Zeus when it comes to thunder and lightning, Poseidon to stop tsunamis, etc.

Take heed of the controversy! Churches and temples and mosques should be teaching the controversy!



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25 04 2011
Personal Failure

I never noticed it, but you’re right about Poseidon being the model for gods. Give that statue eyes and colour and he’d be the star of many a Renaissance painting.

25 04 2011

True, the Old Ways have been close to forgotten by far too many people.

If Shinto were more prevalent in Japan this might not have happened. Proper prayers to Susanoo, Japan’s God of storms, might have forestalled this catastrophe.

Perhaps it’s time for the Emperor to once again take up Susanoo’s sword, Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi and set thing straight. He has the blade, after all. It’s part of the Imperial Regalia.

26 04 2011

One of my favourite gods!

26 04 2011

Probably one of hostess’ as well since He’s responsible, according to the Hellenic peoples, for the horse. My own people ascribe that to Epona though.

26 04 2011

Ah, no, Epona yes, Poseidon no. It’s just that it seems to me to be so much more to the point that if you do want to put blame onto people it really could be narrowed down a bit. And so could praying for sea disasters to end.

27 04 2011

You are too funny 🙂 And so, here is a poem for you 🙂

The earth is the Lord’s
And all that is therein
Evolved in perfect symmetry
Bestowed on Adam’s kin

Cut no living wood
Plant again what you have taken
Blessed are the peacemakers
Blessed are the caretakers
The rest shall be forsaken

– poem fragment, 1996

27 04 2011

Darvish, what a lovely poem. 🙂
Except I think nobody should be forsaken!

28 04 2011

Good morning sweetcakes! Hope all is well, and that this is the biggest worry you have. 🙂

30 04 2011

Hum, I have some other things to worry about….
But I am very happy!

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