Egypt, internet and communication

28 01 2011

Stuff is happening in Egypt. The Egyptian government has closed down internet and cellphones, they are arresting journalists and taking their cameras.

Oppressors are quite right in fearing internet, but there are virtually no countries left which can operate without internet on the long run. And even closing internet down doesn’t work, as you can see when you go on the internet. You will see constant news flashes, twitters, etc.
You cannot really shut down internet, people have phones registered in other countries , people have their own satellite connections, and trying to shut down internet will only make people more savy about how to prevent loss of internet.

You can arrest journalists, and while 40 years ago you could confiscate their reports, and film, nowadays when you arrest a journalist the photos and reports are already out on the net. You beat up a journalist and ten minutes later his bloodied person is out on the internet talking about it.

And even if you take all the journalists away, people, normal people are still out there, reporting, sending pictures, twittering, you cannot stop communication anymore, and if a regime does not have the support of it’s people, it cannot hide that fact anymore. You can fake elections as much as you like, but the truth will come out, and we see what will eventually happen, in Tunesia, and now in Egypt.



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29 01 2011

yes, it’s quite exciting! my syrian friend cannot access Al jazeera from germany so far today and is wondering if the site were hacked and is not avaiable on some servers. i can get it fine from here.

2 02 2011

Ameen girl!

3 02 2011

I also think it’s exciting, BBC world has live coverage on the internet. A pity though that a peaceful demonstration has turned into a war zone because of Mubarak’s tactic of sending his police force and paid thugs to kill and hurt the protesters.

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