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26 01 2011

I read an interview with a very successfully indoctrinated mormon wife, her husband is also married to her elder sister, she was married at 16, her own daughter was married at 15. The children of the community go to community schools and are kept isolated from the rest of the world. Girls are usually not educated above basic level. Girls are also told they cannot enter heaven unless married, and only with a husband as the ”doorkeeper”. A woman cannot enter heaven on her own.
And of course there is no suppression of women…..
She was being interviewed at the court to explain her community because some of the men were being charged with polygamy.

Now the discussion we had on facebook was, should the law forbid polygamy?

Actually I don’t think so, but the world being what it is we should.
I don’t think so because I think that consenting adults should live their own lives, make their own free decisions, after having informed themselves, and marry whom or what they want.
The key word though is ”adults”. With that I mean human beings of 21 and older. And with ”free decisions” I mean people who as children have been brought up in a normal secular school system, with proper science classes, and no religious or dogmatic indoctrination.

And unfortunately that is not the case here. Here we see a woman defending her community and her faith but it is clear she was never allowed any freedom of thought, and the dogma does not allow her any freedom in deciding whether she want to get married or not in the first place.
So I am sorry but her testimony proves nothing, except the necessity to take the children away and give them a humane childhood and proper schooling.
As soon as you invent stuff like hell, and eternal torture and suffering, and you then start making demands of certain kinds of behavior from people, you have taken away the concept of ”free choice”.
And as this kind of abuse of children is rampant upon the planet at the moment, not to mention the forceful ”marriages” of underage girls to pedophile geriatrics, I think that, against my personal preference, we should have laws forbidding polygamy.

And it really irks me to write this because I really truly think we should not forbid polygamy.
If adults think they are very happy in a multiple partnership they should be free to exercise that partnership. If a man wants to marry more than one wife, and those wives think it is a good idea and they will all live happily ever after they should be allowed to do so, and no law should stop them!

Of course that would also include the right of any or all of those wives to choose to have other husbands as well.

It would also include lesbian couples,

gay couples,

bi-sexual couples…
Everybody should be allowed to marry anybody.
And everybody.
And anybody else.
As long as they are adults, have freedom of mind, and are all willing, and the other partners in the relationship are also willing to share.



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27 01 2011

Do you have an announcement to make? 😉

27 01 2011

No, Mezba put the interview on his facebook this morning, and we discussed it, and I considered my part so brilliant that I didn’t want to deny it to a larger part of humanity, and therefore used it for this blogpost.

btw, if I were married, and my chosen dreamrabbit would suggest polygamy, or ”swinging”, or anything of that kind, I would rip out his heart and burn it.
I just think that if adult humans think its nice not to be exclusive and they can agree on it, then that should be their own look out.

It worked for doctor Phlox, and his wives… And their husbands… And I supposed the wives of the husbands wives…

27 01 2011

Dang, I read the title and thought Aafke was getting married to her beloved dreamrabbit!

27 01 2011

I thought i read wrong! When you said you wouldn’t forbid polygamy! and then the icing came after 😀 gay,lesbian marriage etc.Like Susanne above,I thought it was you getting married 🙂

29 01 2011

Loved the post but would love an announcement even more 🙂

Miss you!

16 11 2011

I feel obliged to dispel a misunderstanding that MANY have…the people in your article are NOT ‘Mormons,’ as the first line of your entry would have us believe.
If you check the article again a very important distinction is made; and I am quoting from the article, “…Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints — a breakaway Mormon sect.”
The people in the article are not members of the official church and are not accepted nor condoned by the official Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (‘Mormons’). This, believe me, is a HUGE difference.
Congratulations on your recent marriage, it is easy to tell how happy you are!

16 11 2011

Blame the article, they stated ”mormon wife”.
Whatever, my point is that I don’t care how many people want to join in the same marriage, as long as all are equal, all are consenting adults, and none are brainwashed by religion.

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