Important background info on Wiki leaks

17 12 2010

Watch this video:


And more info about how these sex crimes of Assange… The before and after.
Explaining the ”surprise” sex-crime he is charged for.



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17 12 2010

Uh, this video opens by saying that Assange is currently in jail in Sweden – he’s not; currently, he’s being electronically monitored but he’s out on bail in the UK and at the time this was recorded he was at an undisclosed UK location. That kind of bemuses me.. but a very interesting video 🙂

17 12 2010

Hee, Coloquielle! Long time no see!
That was a mistake, there actually is a little text box in the video which says: ”Sorry, England”
Yes, makes you think doesn’t it?

17 12 2010

Ahh, I missed that, sorry! I was cheering on the group of celebs who stumped up his bail money – one of them is a friend of a friend and I kinda felt like emailing her after I read her Guardian article to say congrats, but I didn’t. Should’ve, I guess. I’m sick of the, “ZOMGLIVESATRISK!” argument when a: nobody’s demonstrated anyone was put at risk after the LAST batch of leaks, let alone this one, b: they aren’t taking into consideration how many lives are being risked (or thrown away) by corrupt politics the world over, and c: uh, guys, he took precautions. I think I’m breaking up with Obama over this 😦 I’m raging against Julia Gillard, too – but at least Australia’s acknowledged he hasn’t broken any Australian laws.

The other thing that bugs me is that nobody, NOBODY, seems to be mentioning Pfc Bradley Manning, who allegedly provided the cables to Wikileaks in the first place and who’s been in solitary confinement for weeks, now. I hope Assange’s celebrity supporters don’t forget about him 😦

Yeah, very long time – it’s been an interesting year 😉 Hope all’s well with you and the critters!

17 12 2010

Well, besides as speculating if any lives would be lost by publication, I could just as well speculate about how many lives may have been rescued because of Wiki leaks .

We are all fine.

29 12 2010

Thanks for this update post on Julian.

What I don’t understand is, Sweden hasn’t produced a shred of evidence against Julian. they haven’t charged him with any crime – the sexual assault case is an allegation, not a formal charge.

If this is so, what right do Sweden and Interpol have to issue an arrest warrant against him and get him arrested in UK, get him under a house arrest and tag his movement electronically?

This is a gross violation of human rights. Does it mean that in Sweden (reputed to be the most “democratic” country in the world), is it possible and legal to arrest someone merely on the basis of allegations, without producing a shred of evidence and without formally charging the person of a crime?

Is Sweden really a democracy and is the Interpol a democratic organisation, if they indulge in this kind of human rights violation by restricting someone’s movements and placing him under constrained situations because someone makes allegations against him, without producing evidence and without any criminal charge?

I thought it was against the law in a democracy to arrest someone or to place him under house arrest and monitor his movements without any evidence of crime and without any formal criminal charge against against him.

What right does Sweden have to ask for his extradition if they haven’t produced any criminal evidence and without charging him of a crime? Can this be done in a democracy?

I really feel this question should be asked about the legal validity of the action a country to persecute someone like this without a formal charge and without an evidence.

Same can be said of the US keeping Bradley Manning in prison – it came out in the news reports that so far the US hasn’t laid any criminal charge against Manning and so far they haven’t produced any evidence against Manning. His leaking of documents is a suspicion based on his own chat logs. the US govt doesn’t seem to have any concrete evidence that he has actually leaked documents.

Is it a standard procedure in Western countries to arrest a person and keep him in torturous conditions on the basis of suspicions and allegations, without any concrete evidence and without framing any criminal charge against the person?

This is a violation of human rights and is against the democratic norms.

I am sorry, but the countries like the US and Sweden can’t be called democracies if they don’t respect the rights of free movement and human dignity of individuals.

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