To leak or not to leak…

30 11 2010

The website Wikileaks is dedicated to bring news and information to the public. News and information about the war in Afghanistan and Irak.
According to Wikileaks,

Publishing improves transparency, and this transparency creates a better society for all people. Better scrutiny leads to reduced corruption and stronger democracies in all society’s institutions, including government, corporations and other organisations. A healthy, vibrant and inquisitive journalistic media plays a vital role in achieving these goals. We are part of that media.

Here is a video talking about Wikileaks and interviewing a Vietnam war veteran who was accused of publicizing offcial secrets about that war. Interesting.
It would be wrong to endanger people by leaking information, but according to the US-government their earlier disclosure of Afganistan leaks was not endagering anything.
And aren’t we in these wars as a result of faulty information? (As well as bad decision making)
If you really think you are playing at a ”clean war”, then what is there to be embarrassed about? And if it’s dirty secrets, shouldn’t we know about it?
To leak or not to leak?

For some background; I really like this interview with Julian Assange, the founder and ”lightning rod” of Wikileaks. He walks out of an interview because apparently the interview was supposed to be about the deaths of people, and she keeps harping about his personal life instead. He was there to talk about the information about the deaths of 190.00 people and he considered it completely out of line to talk about him personally. So he walked out.
More people should do this!

An interview wilt Al Jazeera, about the current Irak War information on Wikileaks.

Ok, I am adding one more video, because The Young Turks, (recommended channel) made a very good report on Julian walking out of an interview, and the Larry King interview.



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30 11 2010

I don’t see any thing “smoking gun”-like in the leaks – they all seemed to confirm what we all suspected!

1 12 2010

It’s pretty dry stuff to read through. But I am thinking it’s very interesting to see the machinations, not only of America, but also other countries from behind the veils, shows they are all pretty nasty.

1 12 2010

Thanks for the videos. I watched bits of one and all of the last one. The walking out video I cannot see in the US.

8 12 2010

For some reason the walking out video doesn’t open everywhere, but here is a copy of it, from another video channel, which opens –

But by far this is the best interview I have seen with Julian –

This is another one worth watching –

9 12 2010

Susanne, it’s not that important. I just enjoyed seeing a sneaky interviewer get her come-uppance.

Daisy, thank for sharing these videos, they’re good.

10 12 2010

Thanks, Aafke.

Well, Julian excels himself in giving us more and better information than last time – and so is the case here.

There has been so much attention on his so-called sex charges that no one has told us what he was doing in the Uppsala University in the first place. I have managed to find out – he went there to give a series of talks about his Afghan diaries. Watch the following talks below.

Incidentally, both the women are seen here – the woman supplying the microphone (in 3/5) is Anna Gardin and the woman with black spectacles in the first row on the right side is Sofia Wilen. But that’s besides the point. His talks himself are excellent and worth watching – especilly in America. 🙂

10 12 2010

Oh, Daisy, I was just now sitting down and preparing to watch your video’s and now they have all been removed!
I wonder if we are not in for a very interesting time with ”the Powers that Be” showing their true faces and very interested in shutting down free internet forums, like the suppressive countries like China and the middle East.
Now that the information stings America amongst others…
You see the might of the ”free West” coming down with incidents like Wikileaks bank accounts being frozen, credit card companies not allowing people to donate money anymore, trumped up sex-offenses, etc, etc.
I am getting a very strong feeling that my world isn’t half as free, or free from corruption, as I was wont to believe…

10 12 2010

Please check your mail.

11 12 2010

More on Julian – There is some news that the US may charge him with espionage.

Lawyers are saying it’s not clear whether it’s a case of espionage.

Well, in case of Julian it may not be clear. But in case of Hillary Clinton it’s clear that she ordered spying on almost all the countries around the world and also the UN.

So, following the Americans’ own standards, shall the global community demand an extradition of Hillary Clinton (and possibly also of Obama since Hillary couldn’t have passed that order without consulting Obama) and punish her (and possibly Obama) for espionage against the whole world?

Shall the global community apply its various rules of punishments regarding espionage on these two?

The question is – why is the global community not doing it?

Why should a proved espionage by Hillary (and perhaps Obama) not be punished by the global community?

Why does an unproved espionage charge on Julian gets the dictatorship America and its slave countries to pronounce harshest punishments on Julian when he has not even been charged with confirmed evidence?

At least in Hillary’s case there is confirmed evidence that she has indulged in global spying.

Why should she not be punished?

12 12 2010

In my opinion Julian is only doing what évery journalist should do.
Only they don’t anymore.
They cant indite him with espionage because he didn’t spy, he only publishes, and he isn’t even an American subject, so they don’t really have a leg to stand on. besides Julian is just the figure head, it is his job to take the blows, eliminate him and there sinply will be a new figurehead and everything starts all over again.

12 12 2010

That’s true and in every democracy that’s how it happens.

But I read the news that the US is framing new laws so that they can charge him. Whoever heard of laws being framed AFTER an act is done in order to get the act incriminated – in a democracy?

An act is charged always on the basis of existing laws. Any new laws apply on future acts not on past ones.

Well, as I said elsewhere, the US has exposed itself as not so much of a democracy, but rather a dictatorship.

My faith in the US has shaken now.

And if they are so much hung up on this espionage business, I think it’s time the global community should pressurise the UN to extradite Hillary Clinton and others involved in spying orders for the whole world, so that all countries listed in those orders can pass a severe and rigorous punishment on them.

At least the global community has evidence of spying orders from Hillary and we are not enacting new laws to incriminate her.

13 12 2010

Besides, there should not be any espionage laws which aim at suppressing media freedom in a democracy in the first place.

On of the most serious charges against him is that he published the list of facilities critical to the US, thus causing harm to the US.

But no one seems to ask the critical question that should be asked in any mature democracy –

In the beginning of each of these cables, the classifying officer’s name is mentioned. So, if this list of facilities was so important, why did the classifying official fail to mark it as “Top Secret” and advise the Sate Department to keep it away with Top-Secret files, away from the public access? Moreover, why did Hillary Clinton fail to see that this list should be marked as Top Secret and should not be in public access?

How is it Julian’s fault if the classifying official and Hillary Clinton fail to classify a list of facilities as Top Secret and keep it away from the public domain?

Why are the relevant classifying official and Hillary Clinton not being punished for this?

Why are they implicating Julian for a fault that is of the classifying official and of Hillary Clinton?

Why has no one asked these questions?

Why is Julian’s head on the anvil for a classifying fault of the US State Department?

Why not get Hillary Clinton extradited for spying against the whole world?

14 12 2010

I guess you watched it live, but I got it live on Internet – he is bailed – or rather placed under “mansion arrest” in his journalist fried Vaughn Smith’s palatial house. I don’t like the idea of electronic chip though. Sounds like he is treated like an animal. Read full story –

He had the support of film director Ken Loach, heiress Jemima Khan and journalist and campaigner John Pilger, who all turned up at court for the hearing.
They had previously contributed to a surety of £180,000, while Vaughn Smith, founder of the journalist club Frontline, came forward this time to offer a surety and bail address.

Read full news with court proceedings in brief here –

However, Swedish authorities can appeal against his bail, which they have to do within 2 hours. He can be released only after those proceedings are over. Read here –

14 12 2010

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