Playing it safe

10 08 2010

It takes a bit of time, but if you really want to go to heaven after you die, you have to put some effort into it. In this video Edward Current, my favorite Christian, has had a moment of enlightenment and has now decided to leave no stone unturned in his quest for salvation.

I can only advise you all to watch his other videos as well, especially if you are an atheist, Edward Current will show you the right path!



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11 08 2010


11 08 2010


12 08 2010


was reading some of the Saudi blogs and your name kept popping up so decided to come over here since I’ve always been interested in different religions etc. You know, I think they *should* teach these things in school, all the different points of view and looking at things, the pink unicorn, the universe according to Star Trek (even if I can’t exactly be called a fan of that show). It’s obviously important enough to some so why not learn about it. But that really resonated.

Love your artwork btw. I’m developing this interest in horses as creatures of the gods in various myths that I haven’t quite figured out yet, so a lot of the paintings you did, really spoke to me from that aspect but then I always throw a story onto a painting or artwork if I like it.

12 08 2010

skageness, welcome to my blog!
Actually i think there should be no religion at school, and there should not be any religious schools allowed.
And all school should teach about religion. But really globally, starting with the emergence of primitive believes in animal spirits to the Great goddess who was worshiped all over the world, and the change into polytheism, and then to monotheism, and also make clear the implications of these changes, how religions got more and more into institutions, and their thirst for power. And the destruction of women’s rights during these developments. And the openings for violence and immoral behavior religions create.
The change and evolution of our morals, and how it’s growth is stunted by stodgy religions holding humanity back.
And the ever existent, but now growing number of outspoken Atheists, who think religions are fairy tales.

That would be a proper religious curriculum for schools. And at home and in church/temple/and mosque people can decide for themselves what they want to believe and pray to.

It’s ok to put a story on my paintings, that’s what they are for. Actually I have a story with them myself. I just don’t tell anybody, so please keep this to yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

12 08 2010

Edward Current is hilarious. Too bad he stopped making videos like he used to.

I really feel sorry for him though. He did not cover his basis with the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which means he may end up as a prisoner on a pirate ship for eternity. All that rowing will be torture!!!

13 08 2010

MoQ, you are right, it is clear Edward, while trying his best, will still be burning, or rowing in some hell or other….
There is no escape….

18 08 2010

Watch this as well –

It’s equally hilarious!

18 08 2010

I love that video! But I have already posted it a year ago. I used this one which is better quality:

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