The Problem with Socks

28 07 2010

The problem with socks is that if you put two into the washing machine, only one comes out.
Why is that?
And where does that other sock disappear to?

Is there a wormhole inside washing machines which gobbles up socks?
And where does it end?
Is there another planet where all the single socks end up? or are they just floating in space????



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28 07 2010
Om Lujain

lol.. That is the age old question. And I am sad to say I still have not found the answer!

28 07 2010

If you don’t have a front loading dryer, they might just go between the spinner tub and the outer shell of the machine specially when its over-loaded… happened to us too… and discovered EIGHT socks… and none of them matched, of course.

Otherwise, if you have a front-loading dryer…well, I read it somewhere and now I’m starting to believe it that unfortunately the combination of heat and rotation of the dryer drum creates a vortex that allows the socks to be sucked into the galaxy of three-footed aliens where they only get socks in pairs… It is a myth that dryers eat socks as they can’t go on a high fiber diet 😀 …

28 07 2010
Personal Failure

There is someone somewhere who has millions of socks. None of them match, of course, but they have millions! That person may also have all my good luck.

28 07 2010

I read somewhere on the internet once that Evil Sock Monkeys were trying to take over the world by creating more Evil (Giant) Sock Monkeys using the socks from our dryer and that is why they go missing…you haven’t seen any sock monkeys the size of King Kong have you? o_O If so, I think you had better watch out as they are intent on world domination! ahh! (j/k j/k)

29 07 2010

Om Lujain, I am glad I am not the only one who has AWOL socks!

Specs, we only ahve front loaders here, I believe in the vortex theory!

Personal failure, you think it might be a voodoo thing? your socks get abducted and your luck is carried with them???

StrangeOne, The sock problem gets more and more scary!

29 07 2010

I believe it’s a vast left wing conspiracy to get everyone to go sockless and have uncovered ankles abound!

9 08 2010

Mezba, it is a worrying sign… Satan is taking over!

9 08 2010
Intracranial Ground Zero

I think the theory of the three-footed aliens is totally nonsense. My personal scientific researches have shown that they are, not unlike most humans, two-footed and one- headed. The most important difference though is, they are about 16 feet tall in overall average (the average is different for each of the three genders) but their heads have the size of a terran apple. Humans would say they use them as hats, which only is true to our definition of that bodypart. The average human has it brains placed on top of the torso, but I have located theirs near the rectum (in fact, they are not that different from som representatives of the human race, but I still got no scientific proof for that). The socks/”hats” are used to hide their genitalia, because it´s an insult to others if one shows them without having a political issue to settle.
Nevertheless it is true, they intend to take over the planet earth and I have figured out a defensive strategy to interruot their supply of socks/”hats”. Whenever I put my socks into the machine, I flip over the the top of one sock/”hat” while holding them in one hand and next to each other. This procedure works like a clamp and keeps the socks together. I haven´t lost a single sock/”hat” in years. If everyone would do that, we could be fearless of the aliens.

P.S My research still indicate the rectal-brained humans as possible hybrids, so watch out.

9 08 2010

Welcome to my blog and thank you very much for this brilliant and definitive explanation of the sock problem!
And I will definitely try your tactic for keeping hold of ones socks!

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