What’s in a name

20 06 2010

I think names are very important. And when you have the honor of choosing a name for somebody or some pet it requires a lot of deep thinking.
My names are from women who meant much to my mother. The name Aafke is a very ancient one and has been given trough the ages to girls in my father’s family. It means something like ”Fairy” or ”Supernatural being”.
Hence my problems to connect with the real world.
My second name was that of a woman who took care of my mother during and after the war.

I like fairly short names.
My cats, were originally my mum’s cats but I named them, and their names are: Kira, and Simsalabim. And Ishtar, but she died last year. Kira is a Star Trek name. Lots of the pets in my family have Star Trek names.
Simsalabim just seems a very good name for a cat like Simsalabim. Ok it’s not that short. Short is ”Sim”. But somehow, even when I am angry with Simsalabim it remains Simsalabim, in anger it becomes: SimsalaBIM!

Rabhar is also dead now, but his name means ”leader” in Arabic. He came with his name, of course I don’t change a good name. He was the sweetest gentlest horse, but knew to get what he wanted very well. So a bit of leadership was in there, but we never had serious clashes, or not as often, as I have with The Tarq.

My Alsatian is called Zora. From the Arabic Az Zahraa, the beautiful, the morning. Or something like it, according to a name book I have. It’s short, easy to pronounce, and as Zora came from an official breeder we had to give her a name starting with a Z. So I went to the Z at the back and we choose Zora.
I think this name fits her beautiful friendly soft nature. She is also way too clever and sneaky and partially deaf. Her hearing diminishes with her intention to hear you, it improves dramatically if she needs to be alert to make sure you don’t go out without her.
Zora always gets her way somehow.

Al Tarq is officially called Zjarky, pronounced Sharky. This name would not do as it reminded me too much of the end of the Lord of the Rings. Besides it is Russian (Tarq is Russian bred) and it means ”hot”. Now if somebody is a subzero cool dude it is the Tarq.
Tarq is from Tariq, It means ”morning visitor”Β  or, ”The star that twinkles”, and in Middle Dutch is means somebody who is dirty, Tarq being a real man never minds being covered in dirt. And in Klingon it means lout or duffer. Which is a characteristic trait of Al Tarq. Al Tarq is another animal who is way too clever; I am only just a bit more clever as the Tarq. Besides, Tarq is a good name to shout when you are angry, and to whisper when you are in love.
Al Tarq has a way of calling me over to the stable and ordering me about.

My list of pets wouldn’t be complete without my dreamrabbit, the Q.
The Q is named after the totally cool and super intelligent heroes from a Dutch tv series from my very early childhood: Q and Q.

One of the clever boys was called Aristides Quarles van Ispen, and the other Wilbur Quant.
And yes, these are really weird names. Even in Dutch.
Everybody watched this every week. It was very scary. Maybe it was more scary because I was too young to really understand it, but I did have a slight pash on one of them. The series is out on dvd, maybe I should get them.
I just fall for intelligent pets…
Somehow I always do what the Q wants me to do. Why is it that all pets can manipulate me as they wish?



8 responses

20 06 2010

I like name posts! Enjoyed this. I can’t believe YOU let a man manipulate you! He must be some rabbit!! πŸ˜‰

20 06 2010

Well, it’s always best to let them think so… 😈

21 06 2010

You’re so sweet and funny! πŸ™‚ Liked all the names of your pets and my fav,you know who! πŸ™‚

Have you watched the dvd?

21 06 2010

Aww, this was tooo sweet! I’m reconsidering re-naming my imaginary pet as I’m *achoo* with all the rest πŸ˜€

21 06 2010

Lat, No I haven’t got the dvd’s!

Specs, you could have goldfish!
I used to have a lovely large pink goldfish called ”Fat Silvian”

23 06 2010

I LOVE your photo. You look regal and like a fairy. You have the perfect name.

And your pets are so beautiful (Q is too πŸ˜€ hehe) and you have given them amazing names. I loved Ishtar’s name.

What would you suggest a little per turtle should be called?? And a parrot.

26 06 2010

I also love the name CloudDragon. πŸ™‚

26 06 2010

I did some checking… it’s somewhat eerie, but my name actually means “old, fat man with a wide streak of sarcasm and twisted humor.” Go figure. ;->

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