Proof of the non-existence of God

20 05 2010

Wanna know more brilliant philosophies? Read the five books of the ”Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” trilogy.

The book centres on the human, Arthur Dent, who has been rescued by his extraterrestrial friend Ford Prefect when the Earth was blown up to make room for a new hyperspace bypass.

All space traveling species wear a Babel fish in their ear, so they can understand each other. The electronic book, ”The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, explains the workings of this miraculous creature, and why it’s the final proof that God does not exist.


I think I should share a bit more from the Pearls of Wisdom contained in the Hitchhikers guide of the Universe. I do not think that anybody should be unaware of this remarkable book. And you surely can’t call yourself full-blown nerd if you haven’t read it!

The Universe: some facts to help you live in it

Which is more intelligent? Men or Dolphin?

You should know that it’s rival, the Encyclopedia Galactica is on the whole a lot more boring, so don’t bother, but get the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
(Megadodo Publications, Megadodo, Ursa Minor, 3 pounds 69 pence for the book and 328.006.824 pounds and sixty five pence, postage and packing)
Just check out what both books have to say about ”Alcohol”




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20 05 2010

“…and (God) promptly vanishes in a puff of logic”


20 05 2010

Douglas Adams is brilliant.

20 05 2010

Oh I really enjoyed it! Thanks for posting this. I watched it twice. I’ll look for the books as well.

I was wondering about the same thing yesterday – how many of us *intelligently* think about the existence of God. I mean yes most believe in God because they have faith in a religion and there are some who think about God by looking at nature and marveling and using religiously taught ideas to ponder. But it is equally simple to accept that this marvelous universe is a product of millions of years of evolution. I have a reason to believe in God. But my reason and the visualisation of God is not taught by religion, neither do I accept thoughts of others as proofs of God’s existence,

I was wondering, would you like to perhaps talk briefly about why you believe God doesn’t exist. What is it that makes you believe there is no God? I just want to learn more about Atheism and want to understand if atheists have proof that God doesn’t exist. I have heard and read Dawkins but he too let’s me down in the end by stating that he could be wrong.

Please feel free to ignore my request if you think it’s too personal.

21 05 2010


“I just want to learn more about Atheism and want to understand if atheists have proof that God doesn’t exist.’

I know Aafke may have her own answer, but I will try to address your question also.

– Atheism is basically Anti Theism. Theism is a doctrine that promotes the concept that the question of how the universe came to being is the direct creation of God(s) or God(s) set in motion the rules which allowed the universe to come into existence. In summary we are against believing in such doctrine since it is not proven.
– The great majority of atheist do not discount the concept of God at 100% certainty (i.e. opposite of believe is not complete disbelieve.) We believe that we do not know all the answers yet and the idea that there is a God that caused all this to happen can be one of the many solutions, either known or unknown. So why only accept one of the solutions without any proof for it.
– We can also say that all the religions have not proven that their God exist. All religions do not attempt to provide evidence to any extent, the best argument they have is “look at how complex the world is, there must be a creator behind it.” This argument is illogical by definition, because there is no observed event where we saw other universes being created and can say “there is a universe maker out there creating these things, then there is a high probability it created ours too.”
– There is good evidence that the God concept originated to address some issues like “what the purpose of life”, Fear of death”, “what causes all the miraculous things around us” etc. The first 2 questions are philosophical and can be answered in many ways other than a God solution. The last one, we have developed very good scientific processes to resolve with much more success. The concept to a certain extent a creation of man at the time where these fields where not well developed to answer things better. Hence, we hanged on to the concept of god and gave a high probability, because of legacy.
– Finally, God by definition is outside of the physical universe and hence cannot be measured. If that is the case, then why would it be a cause worth pursuing as compared to others that we can continue investigating.

21 05 2010

Thank you MoQ, I think that is a useful summary and offers a little more than the more common, “lack of proof is the proof there is no God.” I think I understand the first point the best.

Thanks again!

29 07 2010

I’ve read these books, and I must say that I find them all fascinating and very humorous! I love them!!! 🙂 The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is among my favorites! I love the way different concepts are explained through round-about contradictory logic, and especially enjoy the diagrams that go along with the explanation. Have you seen the most recent Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie?

29 07 2010

Yes I have. Not sure if I like it. And if you don’t know the books I can’t imagine you’d understand it.
I prefer the old BBC series, typical vintage BBC, done on 5 pounds and a shoestring and yet excellent!

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