too disgusting for words

15 04 2010

I am just too disgusted to be able to say anything about these news items.

From Saudi woman:
”Why my heart hurts and my stomach is turned”

In Saudi Arabia a 65 year old man had tests done (tests before marriage are compulsory in KSA) and he turned out to be infected with Hepatitis B. A deadly, cancer inducing std. The victim of his marriage plan was an 11 year old girl!!!
The parents were anxious to get the paperwork done as soon as possible to get rid of their daughter into a marriage of sexual slavery, disease and death to an old pedophile.

And if you think crimes against the female half of humanity can’t get much worse, read this one on Save the Women!:
”Death by marriage”

In Yemen a twelve year old little girl was married off to a man at least twice her age. In Yemen at least 25% of girls are married off before they are 15 years old!!!!

The man took her to a clinic because he wanted her sedated, so she could no longer resist his attempts to rape her.
The clinic refused to sedate her but let the rapist take her home as the girl was his lawful wife property.
He tied her up, raped her, and took her to the clinic again because she was so damaged she could not walk anymore.
The clinic again, after ascertaining her serious internal injuries, send her home with the rapist, after which he raped her again, causing such horrendous trauma that she was dead the next day.

This is the result if cultures/religions/countries have no respect nor care or love for women, when it is normal to regard half of humanity as mindless property, rather than sentient beings.



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15 04 2010

“of course there will be no punishment as men in Islamic countries can abuse, rape, damage, infect and kill their female property as they see fit.”

That isn’t true. I’m not sure about Yemen but in Saudi Arabia he would definitely be jailed and punished

15 04 2010

This is one of those comments which keeps ending up at the bottom, even though it’s the first I made.
Does anybody know why some of my own comments keep doing that? ANd it’s happening more and more often!

Yeah, ok, yeah, I admit I was a bit rash and super angry here and didn’t watch my words.
I think I should amend that bit a bit.
Thanks for responding.
It’s just so horrible! Whenever I think about these two girls I feel sick!
I want to beat somebody up! I want to shoot those bastards, and the parents of the girls as well!
I just don’t know what to do when such evil is allowed to happen in the world!

15 04 2010

I’ve editted the post.

15 04 2010

Excuse me while I throw up!

15 04 2010

Ahelois, you’re excused.
It is the only possible reaction a sane person can have…

15 04 2010

If you only saw how upset I was on the day that article came out. I felt so helpless and sad for her.

16 04 2010

Obviously people in high places are not doing enough to stop these atrocities in their community.When rich,influential people are not allowed to have their way then perhaps these sort of abuses can decline.But who checks them? Sadly no one.Fear of reprisals keep them in check instead.

For such evil men they’re hearts are made up of stone or rather worse than stone!

16 04 2010

I know people will not like me saying this, but for my own peace of mind I really, really wish that Islam had banned child marriage and made it a sin and crime against women. I say this because most non-Muslim countries have set an age limit for marriage (despite their religions having ample examples of young girls getting married in the past) whereas there are Muslim countries that fight against such an age limit and support it with shariah and the example of prophetic practice. Thus, we have girls are young as 13 and 14 getting married even today in the most developed Arab countries like the UAE and Qatar. Religiously these parents and men commit no sin and can effectively argue their case – they are protecting their daughter’s honour; if she is “old enough to bleed she is old enough to breed” etc.

Since we won’t be having any more prophets and men coming to reform societies, our last hopes continue to be pinned on Islam. As the last religion, with the last prophet and the last message, I wish it carried this ban.

16 04 2010


I ‘m totally with you.You’re not alone.There was a recent case in Indonesia where a 10 yr old girl was given in marriage to a 60 yr old man as his 3rd wife.The father of the girl was debted to the old groom whom he owed because of gambling losses.The girl was smart enough to run away straight to the police just before the ‘honeymoon’ preparation. The evil groom went into hiding when police came looking for him.The police didn’t advice the girl to go back to her husband and stay with him.In fact a religious scholar rightly pointed out that a menstruating girl doesn’t necessarily mean she has mental maturity needed in marriage.See, if the relevant authorities can take the crucial steps towards bringing such lowlife to justice,then things may improve for women.Indonesian women ,eventhough most of them are poor,are actually educated,I think the figure is around 80%, to know their rights,wants and fredom.Islam varies to country to country and I like Indonesian Islam,if you can call that! Afterall they’ve elected a female president before which I can’t see that happening in the gulf in this lifetime!

16 04 2010

This just makes the news in the West.

It’s not even a major concern in those countries.

Sad! 😦

17 04 2010

Lat, thanks for your support!

I think education is essential and very important but patriarchy is lethal and that is why I wish that patriarchy was controlled because most Muslim countries use the excuse of Shariah to support mindless patriarchy like the Hudood Ordinance in Pakistan.

17 04 2010

How incredibly sad. I just don’t understand why old men would want to ruin the lives of young girls. Do they really think young girls want them? They are just selfish pigs. My apologies to the pigs. Those men are much more disgusting, in my opinion.

19 04 2010

Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what *pleasure* do you get from a child??

22 05 2010

well i think its just sad that you guys are reading such stories, there are more rapists in west than those countries, and such practices are the faults of cultures not religion. you can check the definitions both words are way too different. as a muslim i know that woman cannot be forced to get married, she has to agree and accept the man she is getting married to, if the parents force her than indeed they are sinners and going to hell which they very frequently use to scare their children of. indeed education is a must and is improving the situation greatly. every country have bad and good stuff, and since i’m actually living in one, believe its improving, it is very easy to just see one side of a story. like once i saw the notice board full of missing children notes in walmart, well it doesn’t show the “good” image of western countries. my point is that since west doesn’t focus too much on their bad parts doesn’t mean middle east is full of shit. i have been living here for a long time, and i feel more safe to go out alone here than in America.

24 05 2010

Some editting in this comment due to the very bad language.
Skepticus, your second comment is deleted. I don’t allow bad language here.
Neither do I like paste copying. I will not allow this again. I prefer intelligent debate. If that is too difficult for you kindly keep away.

¨I know people will not like me saying this, but for my own peace of mind I really, really wish that Islam had banned child marriage and made it a sin and crime against women.¨

Bugger those people. Letś not make concessions for the hurt feelings of, pig ignorant, religious bigots, while a little girl lies rotting in a in a grave, as the direct result of stinking, dirty, religiously deluded barbarians, who believe they have a permission slip from GOD . –Sorry I had to vent.– Tippy toeing around this barbaric atrocity of pure evil, has no place in any civilized society. Itś time we grew the f##k up and learned to use our brains.

The hope that you could expect any of the, desert dogmas, to change its doctrine and reverse what it commands the close minded followers to BELIEVE, is slimmer than the chance that that little girl will spring back to life, dig her way out of her grave and walk home to a caring family (loving mom, dad, brothers & sisters), just like many of us grew up taking for granted. It is the very nature of dogma that resists falsification and correction. Even then if scholars did permit this change, It could only mean that the words of the holly text were mistaken in the first place. You can change your mind about the meaning of texts or doctrine, but how can you change the mind of a supernatural deity? Can anybody say ´Fast and Loose´?

¨well i think its just sad that you guys are reading such stories, there are more rapists in west than those countries,¨

Well I think you are a disgusting, sub-human, lowlife and where you are meant to have a heart, you have a festering cesspool of delusional ignorance. But then, were all entitled to our opinion. Firstly a rape is not on quite on the same order of significance as a MURDER and a CHILD RAPE is a whole different matter. Therefore an INNOCENT CHILD BEING RAPPED TO DEATH ts about the most disgusting evil thing I can comprehend. As insufferably horrible as rape is, try to imaging a little girl being thrust into, by a sweaty middle age barbarian, with the IQ of less than a brain damaged dog, while the little girl is hemorrhaging internally, screaming in agony and begging for mercy or help. See if you can imaging her limp lifeless body laying in a pool of blood trickling from her bruised and torn loins. Go ahead, have some nightmares about that. You deserve it.

¨and such practices are the faults of cultures not religion.¨

Is that so is it? So, letś see now. What aspect of the Saudi Arabian culture is without influence from Islam.


¨The central institution of the Saudi Arabian government is the Saudi monarchy. The Basic Law of Government adopted in 1992 declared that Saudi Arabia is a monarchy ruled by the sons and grandsons of the first king, Abd Al Aziz Al Saud. It also claims that the Qur’an is the constitution of the country, which is governed on the basis of the Sharia (Islamic Law). According to The Economist’s Democracy Index, the Saudi government is the seventh most authoritarian regime from among the 167 countries rated.¨

So, the Qur´an is enshrined as the constitution. Governed by Sharia (Islamic Law)


¨When the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded in 1932, education was not accessible to everyone and limited to individualized instruction at religious schools in mosques in urban areas. These schools taught Islamic law and basic literacy skills. By the end of the century, Saudi Arabia had a nationwide educational system providing free training from preschool through university to all citizens.¨

So, whole generations of school indoctrinated Islamic dogma, since the mid thirties.


¨Although the region in which the country stands today has an ancient history, the emergence of the Saudi dynasty began in central Arabia in 1744. That year, Muhammad ibn Saud, the ruler of the town of Ad-Dir’iyyah near Riyadh, joined forces with a well-known Islamic scholar and Imam , Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab, to create a new political and religious entity. Both persons found they had common interests, mainly to see all the Arabs of the peninsula brought back to orthodox Islam.[8] This alliance formed in the 18th century remains the basis of Saudi Arabian dynastic rule today.¨

So, itś founded on principals of orthodox Islam


¨The Saudi legal system prescribes capital punishment or corporal punishment, including amputations of hands and feet for certain crimes such as murder, robbery, rape, drug smuggling, homosexual activity, and adultery. The courts may impose less severe punishments, such as floggings, for less serious crimes against public morality such as drunkenness.¨

That´s it!, thats the way, barbaric violence is the answer to everything, and all inspired by Sharia of course. Alas, nothing about crime for rapping your prepubescent ¨wife¨ to death. Allah’s idea of a heinous evil crime, seems to be getting a little tidily with your mates after work.

Well, what cultural factors might cause a dirty old pedophile to rape his betrothed juvenile wife to death, or even for a doctors clinic to repeatedly release an abused child without suspicion? Even then how could a culture without a barbaric primitive religious dogma, as enshrined constitution and law, furnish a situation whereby an innocent girl could be handed over like an unwanted goat, to a barbaric murdering rapist?

While you flap your hands like a moron and declare, ´everything is fine, nothing to see here´, you are pissing on the freshly covered grave of a girl who died, at the hands of the evilest scourge the world has ever known; RELIGION. You are quite sick and need help.

¨i saw the notice board full of missing children notes in walmart, well it doesn’t show the “good” image of western countries. my point is that since west doesn’t focus too much on their bad parts doesn’t mean middle east is full of shit.¨

Was it not you, who wanted to make this into a race or ´cultural´ issue, to make a diversion for religion? Now you seem to be saying that the culture is healthy and using diversionary comparisons to imply that two wrongs make right. The story above was reported in isolation and stands as an example of something disgraceful, sick, evil and unforgivable. It is also the direct and tragic outcome of the loathsome and barbaric religion of hatred and death called ISLAM. GOD IS EVIL.

26 05 2010

¨Some editting in this comment due to the very bad language.¨

Ouch! Yes I did go over top with the potty mouth I’m afraid. I had the same thoughts after returning to re-consider what I had said, but It was too late of course. My knee jerk reaction to this sordid pathetic, soul destroying report, was emotive and without consideration for the standard of your very tasteful well balanced blog Firstly, I hope you will accept my sincerest apologies I should (and do) know better than this.

Secondly, you deserve my gratitude, for taking the time to edit my comments and saving me from the worst of my own embarrassment. I feel I benefited greatly from your inconvenience. Again I must apologies and thank you.

Thirdly. Reading back what you have allowed and included, makes the post sound much closer to what I would like to have said in hindsight. You would make a great copy editor in a publishing house, for potty mouth authors. 😉

Sometimes I wish to express disgust and contempt and the idea of thought crimes is anathema to my way of thinking. I don´t have to express vulgarity. I know I don´t want to hate the perpetrator directly ; that itś futile and counter productive, but I must confess I struggle to contain my anger. I know I would never resort to barbaric violence, but I sometimes yearn for a kind of metaphor, that conveys the deep seated anger I felt. The evil is so indescribable, that frustration gives away to spouting a barrage of infantile vulgarities to express the contempt and loathing that I feel if not for the person then, for the actions. Anyhow I´m working on that, and I appreciate good criticism, so thanks again.

¨Neither do I like paste copying. I will not allow this again. ¨

I do understand your concern, in that it can be seen as informal plagiarism, to let others do the thinking for us and create an ill considered response. I would prefer to think, that I was not a likely candidate for that particular motive. Apart from this I have an acute concern (fear? paranoia? perhaps), that I am no making myself understood.

The only thing worse than intellectual laziness, is even more intellectual laziness. Examples of this abound and I dare say, you are far more likely to encounter those who will not quote sources, or give anything better, than unsubstantiated rhetoric from their own misinformed rumor mills. Giving references or quoting outside sources, is a concept that is alien to a great bulk of religious devotees.

As standards go I doubt you could surpass Wikipedia as a reliable source this side of professional academic peer review journals. Thats precisely because it is peer reviewed and the fact that by using it as a reference tool, you are backing up your claims with something researched and critically reviewed. Is far, far, (orders of magnitude) better than arrogantly blurting out completely unsubstantiated claims and spin doctored rhetoric. Taking useful information from Wikipedia, is hardly the equivalent of copy pasta from some random website that uncle jack and his three legged dog wrote.

The issue of copying and pasting itself (aside form the reliability of sources) is a different matter. I am inclined to think, that the fact that some text spent time on my clipboard is of little significance, if it is relevant info, supports my argument and is not a violation of copyright, then is there any concern I have overlooked? If I want to support my claims with more than my own banal, unsubstantiated assertions, then I will look for the existent information (as there is no point re-inventing the wheel). If there is particular reason to doubt reliable sources or the particular fact in question, I would be the first opt for revision. I don´t see the point in Re typing and paraphrasing, if the cutting and pasting is the real issue.

¨I prefer intelligent debate. If that is too difficult for you kindly keep away.¨

You don´t consider what I had to say was in service of intelligent debate? Perhaps that was a little callous. huh? You have no obligation to elaborate on any particular detail of my argument, but I happen to believe it was well founded, well supported and impeccably substantiated by comparison to the average baseless opinionated, vacuous blather, which is grist for the mill on the net.

With all due respects. If you really do prefer intelligent debate, I often find it helps to isolate a specific objective point that lacks evidence, or a good foundation of reasoning, and address those issues. Or point out were the argument fails the basic standards of tangible objectivity. That way we can have some mutual understanding of what basis you are suggesting my discourse lacks intellectual rigor. 😉

You have a great blog BTW and I would do well to note your balance then take a leaf out of your book. So walk in the sunshine live among smiles.

28 05 2010

well, you were this close to not being approved at all!
I am getting less lenient in my old age.

For some reason all your comments are going into moderation, I don’t know why.

4 06 2010

¨For some reason all your comments are going into moderation, I don’t know why.¨

Hmm… Yes, I see you have had a few glitches with the software. I use wordpress myself, although I´m no wizard with it, but I´ll keep my ear to the ground. 😉

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