Nerdiness, Space and Spaceship Orion

7 04 2010

Now as a full-blown nerd, I have of course seen every episode ever of Star Trek and all it’s spin-offs. But I would like to tell you about a German Space series, filmed in 1966, it’s called ”Space Patrol Orion”. There are many reasons why this series gained cult status. While the stories seem the usual ”dangers in outerspace”-stories, they are also commentaries on the world-as-was in 1966. Of course the series was shot on a shoestring, and if you look at the control panels you will see a lot of interesting objects, mostly modern bathroom knobs and spouts, but also a iron and plastic cups on the ceiling as lighting fixtures, it all comes together very well. They have flat screens, 30 years before they really came into existence. And their innovative dances in the ”Starlight Casino” became legendary.

The planet is one harmonious territory, most people live deep under the sea in beautifully designed bubble-cities.

Unfortunately an alien species pops up which for some reason has as it’s ultimate goal the destruction of the planet Earth.

In come our heroes, a bundle of mixed nationality loose cannons, lead by the American Captain, Alistar McClane. They are fiercely loyal to the captain, who considers his crew as friends. The crew of the Orion is always going against orders of the high command, and is therefore, as punishment, removed from the Space-attack Force, to the Space Patrol. Captain McClane nearly resigns but supercool General Lydia van Dyke (Dutch!) brings him back to order and tells him not to behave like a spoiled kid.
The crew of the Orion manages to blow up several of their Orion ships. The next ”Orion” will be one number up. I think they already start out on ”Orion 7”.

As they are starting their punishment tour with Space Patrol, the crew is enhanced with a ”babysitter” from security, Tamara Jagellovsk, she is to keep them on the straight and within the rules. She is a pretty sever martinet, however she has a sense of humor and eventually she will be corrupted and become a rebel like the rest of the crew.

Besides falling for McClane…



5 responses

8 04 2010

Nerds will indeed take over the planet. I love Star Trek (all ones except the new one, Enterprise) and was still think The Next Generation is the best.

9 04 2010

I watched some as a kid but don’t remember any. I’m not a nerd 😦

14 04 2010

“General Lydia van Dyke (Dutch!) brings him back to order and tells him not to behave like a spoiled kid”

Reminds me of a scene in Avatar where the clan’s heroine (forgot the name!) chides the newcomer to behave and stop whining like a kid.

It doesn’t matter where you’re,the past,present or future,it’s always the same thing,men just don’t grow up! 🙂

I’m not a big fan of Star Trek.Just couldn’t follow the difficult themes presented then.Afterall I was still learning english! 🙂 So it just didn’t click with me!

25 11 2012

The captain’s name is Cliff Allister McLane (not Alistar McClane)

25 11 2012

Yes of course, Cliff!
I suppose there has always to be an übernerd…. 😉

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