1 04 2010

I like Sufis. They are spiritual and kind. They sing,  make music, dance, and their goal is to come close to God. Music poetry and dance are used to bring one closer to God.
Unlike the Saudi Wahhabi strain of Islam which seems to have as it’s goal to quench all pleasure out of life and make people, and especially women, as unhappy and suffering as possible. It seems to me they think that if your life here, on God’s beautiful planet, is to make it hell, then God loves you and will reward you in Jannah.

Meanwhile all these intolerant deluded scholars have many worldly distractions which taint their teachings, they seem to me to be far to much interested in money, power, influence, etc. Hence the idiotic fatwa’s they give out.
Sufis are usually not rich, but they are happy.

Check out the blog of Irving. A man with a truly beautiful and spiritual soul.
And I can recommend you read his book, ”Master of the Jinn”. It’s an exciting adventure, and at the same time oozes spirituality, and you learn a lot about Sufism. While reading a tale of adventure, magic and friendship.
I wrote a book review on ”Master of the Jinn”, click here.

I just watched this great documentary on youtube. Watch all five parts!



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2 04 2010

Sufisim is beautiful and SEA owe’s it’s Islamic heritage to them.
There’re shrines everwhere and when I visit them I don’t regard them as intermediaries to God just as very special beings that God chose to favour.And I don’t reproach those who do otherwise.

I love Rumi’s poetry and wherling dervishes are pretty interesting to look at.But whether these trance-like dances are necessary to feel God within you,is still a question to me.Other religions have their version of sufism too and It’s sad that some people brand them as heretics and deviants, just because they’ve got a different approach to God.

I always receive donation lettes from the shrine in Ajmer in India,telling me that the worship of the saint,who is given the title of the prophet!,can cure and rid many of their worries away! I’m just not into shrine worship.

2 04 2010

you wanna feel some cosmic oneness with the universe, spend some time with the Sufis. you’ll be floating on a cloud.

2 04 2010
Abu Sinan

Not all Sufis sing and dance. Some do dhikr in a different manner. Not all of them are so peaceful either. There was at least one band of Sufis giving the Americans hell in Iraq for awhile.

Like anything else in Islam there is a bunch of different types of Sufis with radically different ideas about things from each other.

2 04 2010

true. and history shows that they were also some of the fiercest warriors at times.

I’m talking more so about the hippy dippy type that Aafke is referring to. LOL.

3 04 2010
Abu Sinan

They were VERY good at Dawah too. A good percentage of Muslims around the world owe their roots to sone Sufi group or another.

3 04 2010

that is also true.

3 04 2010

I like Sufis too and absolutely LOVE Br. Irving!

16 04 2010

Everything that has been said about the Sufis here is true. They have been warriors, and in Attar’s Memorial of the Saints, some even asked their Sufi master permission to die as martyrs in battle against the Crusaders. And some fought the Russians in Afghanistan, the Serbs in Croatia, and the Americans in Iraq.

As for Dawah, most of Malaysia and Indonesia owe their conversion to Islam to Sufis who traveled there with the merchant fleets.

I have seen this documentary, and it is good one.

And Achelois, I LOVE you too 🙂

Ya Haqq!

22 04 2010

Well, I find sufism fascinating but since I don’t know enough to comment on it, I’ll refrain.

But I DID read Master of the Jinn and it was beautiful. Irving’s blog was one of the first ones I started reading .. and its still got entries bookmarked for re-reading and refreshing my memory… his concepts and imagery are too beautiful to describe in words- one can actually FEEL the love flow in his words… toooooo awesome, Masha’Allah.

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