Republicans, lesbians and dinner

30 03 2010

It has come out that the Republicans like spending (and deduct from taxes) lavishly of the money donated to them. As you can read in the Washington post.

They put a ”dinner” in the ”Voyeur Lounge”, on their expense account, and they think nobody would notice anything???

And what bloody hypocrisy! No, National Government healthcare would bring about the end of America, while money thrown away on private jets, limousine services, de luxe hotels and kinky sex-clubs is of course much better for the United States.

And do I get this right? Gays are not allowed to get married because that would ”demolish the cornerstone of American society”, but to have lesbian women sexually entertaining Republicans on donated tax deducted money while wearing horse bits and SM paraphernalia would only endorse the decency and honesty of America???

I wonder what their wives think about the how innocuous a kinky sex club is versus some people just wanting to get married between themselves. Which one would be more likely to bring about the ”Destruction of American Values” and ”The Family as the Cornerstone of the American Way of Life”???
I mean, as a foreigner, I wonder: what exactly is the American way of life? Is it forbidding people to marry in the land of the free? (Any gay couple can get married in the Netherlands) or is it the top-echelon of the Republican Party partying, and ”dining” (on what?) at deviant lesbian sex-clubs?



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30 03 2010
American Bedu

I stopped trying to understand the Republican Party after working in Iraq during the GW administration.

30 03 2010
always in my kitchen

There is no one neat category to describe the American way of life. Lives lived in small towns are very different from the cities. There is still the American dream but it too has been hit by recession and out of control health care costs.
Big business has never cared about the ordinary person and here in America big business aka- out of control capitalism – has ruled for too long.
If the American Dream is to endure we as a people need to re-define capitalism to include ethics and those ethical, economic boundaries would include health care for all it’s citizens.

30 03 2010

Wow! Didn’t know anything about this. This is horrific.

30 03 2010
Personal Failure

I wish I could tell you what the “American way of life” is. I don’t think there is any one American way of life. America is a vast country, including many different people, cultures, values, religions and ways of life. It is very embarrassing that these jack*sses in the RNC are representing us to the world as hypocrites who care nothing at all for our fellow citizens, unless it’s to make sure every married couple has an outies and an innie.

30 03 2010


I think that expense report was misclassified by the offshore processing center. It was supposed to read “Campaign research into the Godless behavior of the elitist democrats’ Hollywood supporters”

30 03 2010

the people screaming the loudest over this kinda stuff are always the ones to keep your eye on.

what’s the quote? “methinks thou doth protest too much”.

some things never change over the course of time.

31 03 2010

That strip club bill was nothing but petty cash (but they are telling him to pay it back). Especially if you compare it to these other expenses.

…The RNC spent more than $17,000 on private jet travel in February as well as nearly $13,000 for limousines and car services, and also ran up tabs at luxe hotels including the Beverly Hills Hotel ($9,000); the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons ($6,600) and the W Hotel in Washington ($15,000). The GOP’s controversial midwinter meeting in Hawaii ended up costing the party $43,000 in expenses, not including airfare, the records show…

31 03 2010
Abu Sinan

Sabi is right. Did everyone catch the recent “outing” of a GOP lawmaker known for his hostilities to homosexuals?

Turns out it hit the papers when he was pulled over by the police after leaving a gay bar with a young man.

1 04 2010

American bedu, thier purpose might be a mistery, but their actions are out! Stop Obama from making nessecary reforms, stop Americans from getting a sensible healthcare system, and Get as many donations as you can, and then spend them on useless luxury, priavete jets, hotels, dinners, and kinky sex-clubs!

Always, and I think the BIG Industries in America are all opposed to values and ethics.

Achelois, yes

Personal failure, The American way of life should be freedom to live your life as you see fit. believing in whatever you want to believe, (without that being detrimental to your job), Having your children educated to the highest standard, (without them being witheld scientific information because it doesn’t suit somebodies bronze age religious book), and marry whomsoever they want to.

Moq, Oh dear!

Sabiwabi, So right!

Lynn, Ehm, I have that link in my post….

Abu Sinan, they will do it! I can remember quite a few others as well!

1 04 2010
Abu Sinan

I like the title of the post. I dont care for the first, dont care either way about the second (although as the typical guy I dont mind it when females “bat for both teams”) and am ready for the third!

4 04 2010

oops,I guess I just have a habit of providing a link when I quote something. But my point was just that I care a bit more about the big dollars being spent carelessly. I’d certainly be furious if I had given MY money to them.

8 04 2010

{sigh} The staffer responsible for the “Voyeur” goof was fired. As passed, health-care reform is a mess. I wonder why we talk about gay stuff rather than the fact that so many American marriages end in divorce. And note that you don’t see reports about what the DNC and its satellite Section 501 organizations do for fun? That’s because they have the major media as their eagerly biased allies – something you have to witness to believe, I’m afraid.

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