Disobedience is a virtue

6 03 2010

I have been too much on the internet, have been reading too many nutters. On the other hand it is both interesting and disconcerting that the contingent of sick suppressive silly males claiming that ”obedience” is an essential virtue, is still going strong.

Obedience for women of course.
Specifically: women having to be obedient to men.
Suitably mandated by God.
Claiming it’s God’s commandment is always a popular ruse to quench any kind of opposition.

All this is of course routed in man’s eternal lazyness.
And so conversely, disobedience is a sin!

But is it?
I think not. being disobedient to a Demon, evil Jinn, stupid misbehaving abusive husband or other relative is defenitely not a sin, but even a duty!
Disobedience to the right (or wrong) entities is a virtue!

So it’s high time we start teaching little girls to think for themselves and to embrace the virtue of disobedience when it is called for.
This was how my parents raised me and see what a wonderful human being I turned out to be. :mrgreen:

This post was inspired by the discussion on this post by Achelois.



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6 03 2010
Wrestling With Religion

Someone pointed out to me that the history of religion can be viewed as God trying to get people to disobey and think for themselves. For example, Abraham and the command to sacrifice his son. Did God really want obedience?! Perhaps not! πŸ™‚

7 03 2010

I definitely can relate to this virtue and those who don’t are purely at a disadvantage! And you’ve turned out to be supergood,Aafke!,mashaAllah!

@WWR,that’s a good example,btw.

7 03 2010

Obedience is taught by those who believe that it is better to be feared than loved.

7 03 2010

Wrestling with religion, welcome to my blog πŸ™‚
I think religion is constructed by men who don’t like people to disobey and think for themselves.

Lat, you agree? 😈 I knew it! All my friends are wicked!

Achelois, oooh, deeeep! And so true!

7 03 2010

that last picture is fabulous.

7 03 2010


8 03 2010

ok people , do any of you have a teen daughter , if you did you wouldn’t knock this obedience thing so much πŸ™‚

I just wish she’s try this obedience thing – only to her mum , you know occasionally .

At this point we pray daily for the men /boys who interact with her adn hope to god they come of these years intact !!!!!!!!!!!

11 03 2010

Good point. I never thought of the virtue of disobedience before. πŸ™‚ Great pic of you!

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