Hacking alert!

3 03 2010

I have just gotten a cry for help (and money) from Susie in Arabia., who was, ostensibly stuck in England after a robbery.

And while I was looking into how I could help her, and send money, I asked her for more details which were not coming, I mean I got mail but no answers, it felt more and more dodgy. So I asked some security questions, no answer.

So while still trying to help i also tried to mail her family and then I checked her website. And oh, yes! Susie has been hacked!
And the hackers are in England, or their accomplices are…

So nobody send Susie any money!
(for now)

They wanted me to send money through ”Western Union” Does this mean they can just impersonate susie with a fake passport and collect the money?

Interestingly there was something on the news today about Western Union, that although you need a passport, these criminals threaten the Western union offices and the employees give them the money even though they know they are criminals!

I think people should refrain from using Western Union completely. There must be other ways to help people in need.
And defenitely check if they are who they are!!!!

And, people, reset your password from time to time! And never use something people know about you! Make a ridiculous jumble with letter, numbers and symbols!

hsiuenfu2938457nd8%^902€@Β©rasl3018Β  For example 😈



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4 03 2010
Brandy AZ Chase

That’s sooo weird because after all the support COOLRED got from fellow Bloggers I couldn’t help but think, goodness, another way for hackers to try to swindle us from money by impersinating other bloggers in need…
OR another deranged thought…
Wow people will really fork it over for other bloggers if you only ask and have a good enough excuse, therefore we should be really careful of people’s sob stories and try to accertain the truth…..

Ah my twisted mind at work…. :p
I like the password, now can I have all your user names that this works for πŸ˜‰

4 03 2010

and good luck trying!!! 😈
Welcome to my blog.
Well, I was ready to fork over but I also smelled a rat. And between friends a few questions are allowed I think. The mail was a bit incoherent but when somebody has been through a life-threatening situation that could be possible. However, forking over money is not the first not the most handy way to get out of trouble. If you have been robbed of all your belongings (and get to keep your passports????) then your first goal is your embassy and the police. And in a country like England you would get help easily.
No, I had a distinctly fishy smell in my nose.
And then no answers to normal questions, let alone my security questions? And Susie is not a helpless silly girl; she would know very well what to do to solve any problematic situation.

4 03 2010

Oh I have a password!


4 03 2010

And thanks for sharing… 😈

4 03 2010

Love these password suggestions! πŸ˜€ Thanks for the info, Aafke!

4 03 2010


5 03 2010

I didn’t know Western Union was involved like this.Maybe a few twisted persons working there are at fault,I don’t know.I agree with your pastword suggestions πŸ™‚ Should change now and then to avoid falling into traps.

Real sad to hear you closing the FB account,not that you’re practically updating your status everyday! :), I just feel very happy to see your pic there.But then your blog is pretty accessible so what am I afraid of? silly me!:)

5 03 2010

you can send the money to me though, I haven’t been hacked…

6 03 2010

But then again, that is just the sort of thing a hacker would say to you isn’t it????

6 03 2010

lat, Western Union as a company is not invilved, but their employeed let themselves be scared into accommodating the criminals, therefor you cannot trust Western Union. They are also the company of choice to these criminals.

Tony, dream on…

7 03 2010

The same exact thing happened to my dad!!! An old colleague of his sent him an email saying he got robbed in England and needed money asap! And through western union too! So my dad first thinks why contact me of all people? Lol He was ready to help of course but asked questions just like you did, he asked his colleague to send him his contact number so they could speak and arrange it but no answers came. Later his friend actually contacted him and told him that his account had been hacked and it was all fraud. Got to be careful…

7 03 2010

Tee, I think this is the important lesson we should all take to heart, While I take it we are all ready and willing to help our friends in need (financially) It’s very easy to ask a few security questions while we start our resque operations, and if the presumed friend cannot answer those we can take it for granted they are some hacker criminal.

26 07 2010

We’ve got a lot of these lately from our listserv members – desperate pleas from England, Wales, Nigeria… When we know that the people concerned are sailing in the Pacific that week, or working in the UAE. It’s basically someone hacking that person’s email account, and is most commonly done by Nigerian scammers just lately. Of course, it’s always fun to submit them to http://www.419eater.com – a beautiful site, in any sense of the word πŸ˜€

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