Anybody in New Providence?

26 02 2010

You see I have seen this sidesaddle on the internet. But they don’t want to ship. Just pick up and cash ($50,-)

So, please! Do I have any readers/friends in New Providence? I guess the New Jersey one? I will naturally send you the money and postage. To another friend in America, you don’t have to send it to Holland.

Anybody willing to go and get it for me? Pretty please?



4 responses

2 03 2010

moving in boston area in 2 weeks, if it’s anywhere close i can pick it up — for a tiny painting from you 🙂 for my new proposed new home there ….
seriously if it’s any close drivable distance let em know, my son loves to drive ..

2 03 2010

Thank you so much for the offer, I would have been happy to swap for a small painting 🙂 but the ad was taken off today. 😦

3 03 2010

I went after it with a vengeance. Had to call in a couple of favours, but it was too late. Too bad it didn’t work out.


3 03 2010

I am sorry we were too late but thank you very much for trying.
On the upside. I now owe youe favour…
a small one.

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