A new trailer

26 02 2010

Ok, this took a bit longer as expected! We worked almost around the clock for four days, I then drove my (new!) trailer home, late at night, and the next day I put new ligvhts on the front, and new doorhandles. We changed the door from the right to the left, much better. Now I can jump out of my car and with three steps I am with my horse. But that also meant the handles were the wrong way around. So I brought new handles. I also changed the frontwheel, and I made a new cover for the back.

This took me two days more, and then oon Friday I packed all my stuff, my dog and my horse, and took off for the Sidesaddle Weekend!

So here is the demolishing and rebuilding of my trailer! I am now the proud and happy owner of a (nearly) new trailer!
And the Tarq had better appreciate it because it was built with blood, sweat and tears!

J is drilling out the many, many, many bolts which hold the fiberglass top. That was really awful! They were very hard to drill out, and there remained some remnants which were very difficult to remove.

But we got them out, and together we romoved the top! Very carefully we stored it ouside in a safe place so it would nog get damaged. The fenders have been dislodged from the walls, and the door has been taken off too.

More finnicky stuff which need to be removed. More bolts…

Demolishing with zest!

Demolishing is fun!

Not much left at the end of the day. Maybe we should leave it like this… Nice and airy….

J is measuring the door panel.

All pieces are cut to shape. I did that outside. Brrrrr…. i spend the whole day in the freezing snowing outside! An extra snag was provided by the wooden panels which turned out to bee 3 mm too thick and did not fit the metal profiles. And I went with my trailer to a trailer builder to make sure I got the right thickness! Yeah right….
This is where the tears came in. As we had allready shed our blood over the demolishing part. When the panels turned out to be way too thick I had to sniff a bit. The only option was a special machine to cut the edges, but we didn’t have one. A neighbour didn’t have one either, but he did have a shaver, which could be used to do the trick. Took a lot od time though. It was difficult.
And not perfect. I don’t like it when things aren’t perfect…
Well, at least we could now put the thing together again.

It took three of us to get the top back in place… It was getting to be a real trailer again!

These side-struts are essential to keep the walls from bulging out.

Putting the little door back in took me a whole half day to get it perfect!

J putting screws in to attach the top. W propped it up so it was at the perfect angle and all the holes lined up.

My new trailer back home! The doorhandles are still the wrong way around, and the old frontwheel is still in place. I will have to make a new photo tomorrow!



11 responses

26 02 2010

Wow! So much hard work! The new trailer plus your demolition pose looks fantastic 😀 Hope it doesn’t give any problems for you.

26 02 2010

Lat, the old panels were totally rotten, they were more heavy then the new ones because they were holding so much moisture. The trailer now actually feels more solid than it ever did since I brought it. 8 years ago.
Now it is good for another 25 years! We have also protected the sides of the panels with a special paint to make them water resistant. They don’t do that when they build trailers, and yet that is the weak spot on these panels.
And don’t forget it’s raining most of the time in the Netherlands.

No I think it’s better than ever!

27 02 2010

Looks good! Great pic of Demolition Lady Aafke!

27 02 2010

hè, hè, hè

27 02 2010

Aafake , good job , i zee the lazt photo da white trailer in za background haz two windowz , iz dat for the horze to watch the road while being towed , iz zat goot fur za horze , i mean it will not get scared from your driving and maybe panic and start kicking and cuaze damaj .

Last question , how much euro it cost you ?

please make some painting on the roof of the trailer , white color is very dull

27 02 2010

You are incredible you know that?

I love it! So proud of you 🙂

27 02 2010

Daggero, all trailers have different windows, mostly with modern trailers to the left and right. Older ones like mine have often one in front. I doubt if they see much through them. The brown one behind mine has a large window in the front in the wood, very unusual.

Considering my excellent driving the Tarq will never freak out.
All costs for the project came to 600 euros.
A new one costs between 4000 and 7000, a good second hand one cost something like 2000/ 2500.
Also, over the last years, I had allready put a lot of work into it: a new (hardwood) floor, a new pulling-head in front, new axels, new cover for the back (which Zora tore up last year).
This trailer is now better as when it came off the factory floor. Also it is a lovely trailer, all metalwork is in mint condition, it drives beautifully and it follows your car exactely, so very easy. And it is very lightweight; I can move it about on my own. And I usually am on my own.
As soon as it is warm enough this trailer will get pimped again, it will be creme coloured again. with my name on it and a very roughly painted horse, like a chinese painting.
and inside it will be creme that will make the inside much lighter.
And I think I might paint grass and flowers in the inside… 😀

Achelois, actually I am pretty proud of myself too. :mrgreen:

28 02 2010

Aafke : Euro 4000 to 7000 for a horse trailer , that’s alot of money . maybe it is good business to sell trailers in Holland . The expensive ones what do they have to offer in way of comfort for the horse or the owner ???

1 03 2010

Daggero, you don’t get that much, a lot of newer trailers are all fiberglass, and the two-horse ones have extra space in front for saddles, which is nice, but basically they are a box on wheels. So I don’t see why they should cost almost as much as a (cheap) car…. You certainly can get a nice secondhand car for 4000,- which you also have to pay for a not too old secondhand two-horse trailer…

On the upside: My trailer is now worth at least €1500,- again!

3 03 2010

What a difference between the old (before) and new (after)! Love your pose too.

Although from outside it looks quite small for your magnificent horse!

3 03 2010

It’s quite a small horse 😉 And it’s big enough! I will post a photo of the Tarq inside the trailer!

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