A really huge daunting project

14 02 2010

I am preparing for my ”Ladies sidesaddle weekend” another fun weekend with my friends and this time we are going to be taught in sidesaddle riding. And when we are not having lessons we hope the weather will be good enough for our usual sport of dashing at mad-speeds through the forest!!!

But if the freezing weather holds, (and it’s next weekend!) we will have to resign and behave as ladies all the time instead of half the time as we planned….

Anyway, there’s going to be no fun for me if I can’t get my trailer fixed. I have a great trailer, I brought it with my savings many years ago and it was allready old then. In the years it is mine I have repainted it, replaced the pulling thingy, made a new floor, and replaced the axels, and now the walls have become so rotten that if I don’t replace them is ”Adios trailer”!

My trailer

The holes in the walls:


In the summer all kinds of interesting musrooms and toadstools grow on the rotten wood…

I painted the rotten parts whitish to make them less noticeble from a distance. But some parts you can stick your finger through!!!

But this is a really huge job! Not just the job, but the taking apart of the trailer! The fiberglass hood is attached in a very bizarre and complicated manner and it took us quit a while to find out how. Also there are so many Screws and bolts to take off, and they are all rusted and rotten and fixed together with all the rust. Also they tend to swivel around because most of the wood is rotten!

The screws and bolts, which ones belong where and how many we need

I was not really sure I could ever do it, so i was thrilled when my friend J offered me to stay the weekend and I could use her barn and she would help me take the thing apart and rebuilt it!

My hands hurt with the cuts and abrasions, and my back aches, but at last! late at night we figured out how to get the hood off! Without J’s help I would never have managed to get this far! (Which isn’t far at all)
Here you see J cutting through one of the bolts we couldn’t get out so we have to destroy it to remove it.

The attachment of the hood, There must be a weld between the folded strip and the U-profile on the inside. Here you can see it after we bend it to open, so we could loosen the fiberglass hood. If the fiberglass cracks I can throw the remains on my trailer on the dump!!! It’s a stupid construction: it holds a lot of water. I was hell to drill out the 45 special bolts!!! J did most of them!

So tomorrow we will remove the hood very carefully, and store it in a safe place. Then we will try to see how to remuve the metal strips and get the wooden panels out. Hopefully in one piece so we can use them as a template to cut the new oned. I brought the special plates yesterday. We need to do two big walls, to small ones, and one narrow strip in the front. We plan to do one piece at a time so as not to make the whole thing fall apart.
We think that putting the trailer back together might actually be a lot less work as taking it apart! We still aren’t quite sure if we will succeed.
In case the suspence is killing you, I will continue the Saga of the Trailer tomorrow!



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14 02 2010

Oh , i like Dutch enterprising women ,but then again you could have married a rich Arab who would get the domstic help to do it four you .

keep up the good job 🙂

14 02 2010

But it so very rewarding to have no money, and yet be able to have a trailer! And to restore your old trailer, and with your own hands!

And if I had married a rich Arab he would have had to buy me a new one because I don’t see myself doing this wearing abaya and niqab! 😈 besides, I need to mingle with men because I need some assistance, or some advice from a friend or neighbour. One of the perks is that J has a neighbour who restores vintage tractors and can weld and built almost anything! Not that I take his advice for everything because he said we should leave the hood on while replacing the panels one by one and I don’t agree at all.

And then My own neighbour has a boyfriend who restores ships and boats and he can weld almost anything and is actually going to repair a very special handmade bit for me this weekend!

And we still don’t know if we will actually succeed in saving my trailer 😦

14 02 2010

Oh Aafke, you really do need a new trailer! This one is falling to pieces 😦 Good luck, dear friend!

19 02 2010

Aafke ,

please tell J to wear goggles (Not to be confused mit google ) to protect her beautiful eyes when she is using a power tool with all the sparks flying .

25 02 2010

Achelois, and now I have a new trailer! I am so happy everytime I look at it!

Daggero; you are right, and i did tell J to wear goggles… and she did (for a short time) And I did, (because I am responsible!)

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