Independent thought: Sex? or Stork?

10 01 2010

If you have the time I would like for you to watch this brilliant and funny lecture of Richard Dawkins. It explains a lot. It takes 50 (glorious) minutes.

Richard Dawkins is saying something really good, read this well for it explaines all in two short sentences:

The ”Discovery Institute” a very well funded lobby for Creationists, do not publish research papers in defence of their position, they shamelessly bypass the peer review process, and appeal directly to a public which is unqualified to assess the matter. Unqualified precisely because the very same activists deny them a proper education in science and the scientific method.

He goes on by explaining the use of diversity, so you have the following diverse  options

  • Intelligent Design versus The Theory of Darwin.
  • Intelligent Falling  versus the Theory of Gravity
  • The Stork Theory  versus the Sex Theory of Reproduction

So, blog-buddies who have children, I would love to hear your opinion of how you got those kids, did you have sex? Or did you have a stork? And which ”Theory” are you going to teach your children? Sex? or Stork?



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11 01 2010


I enjoyed the Dawkins lecture, thank you.

Regarding the stork vs sex question. I am still sorting that one out. Perhaps I should engage in multi-year (scientific) experimentation until I find the answer 🙂

Until then I am undecided…

11 01 2010

MoQ, And I think we have hereby established that you must be male.

12 01 2010
Abu Sinan


Anyway, honesty is the best policy. Sex it is, but in a version that wont upset or cause any more questions than need from a young child.


Multi year is a good idea, and there must be a very wide sample base to make sure everything is sound. lol

12 01 2010

I agree with honesty, adapted to the childs age.

Oh you men!
Always ready for some empirical research!!! 👿

13 01 2010


The only issue I have is whether peer reviews will be required. Not sure if the results will stand the scrutiny 🙂

13 01 2010
Abu Sinan


Peer reviews? LOL! Well, the best way to make sure is multiple studies, in multiple countries, just to make sure the results stand about in an international pool.

As for the peer reviews, if some of the studies are put on video, they might pay for themselves.

14 01 2010

*ignoring the locker room talk*

Well, I have a 5th grade daughter and all of a sudden, I find myself fielding all sorts of questions about sex, pregnancy, etc. I always thought I’d be the cool Mom with all the answers, but honestly now that I’m “in it”, just referring back to “the stork” has it’s appeal. Of course, I’m not going to use that line on her…but it sure is tempting some days!

Yet another thing in my life lately that is making me feel OLD.

@MoQ and AbuS…nice to see you two found common ground on something finally. LOL. Boys!

14 01 2010
Abu Sinan


Well, I think every guy can find common ground on this subject. As to the issues with your oldest, when you got it nailed down give Manal a call, we’d like to steal your notes and hear how it worked!

It might be a tough situation, but I am SO looking forward to it, Insha’Allah. I love my little boys and live for every little new thing that comes up and situation that we have to face. I thank God every day that I have a well of patience with them that I lack for many others.

All too often a part of me wants to go all Ox blood 14 hole size 12 on the issues. lol

18 01 2010

oh this one causes me many sleppless nights when my kids were young, and now i think was i really loosig sleep over such a silly issue. I our case it was SeX no stork business, of course listening to many medical discussion, of various organs and body parts, especially athe table they were very resilient to it. I gave a short talk around the age of 10/11 to my kids and a detailed explanation to my daughter at 13. yep the full blown with pictures and data version, and my husband apparently did the same with my son, much more clinical and kind of detached .. that was the easy part, the hard part was the emotional aspects and telling them right and wrong and the involvement of heart 🙂
aT LEAST FOR mE the thought that they would get half baked info from some friendly peer was motivation enough to open up…
happily now I’m way past that ….i’m sure they ca cousel me if i’m ever in need of info

18 01 2010

LLLOOOLLL, the REAL Aafke is back! And she’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddd! Love this post, and we went with the truth – ummm, er. . . . the truth as we see it, i.e. you have to have sex to have a baby unless your name is Mary and God has spoken to you through the Angel Gabriel . . .

18 01 2010

radha…yes, you really cannot explain it in an entirely clinical way, without explaining the emotions. And how having very strong emotions and getting carried away can possibly f up your life forever! LOOOOL.

Explaining LOVE is waaay more complicated than explaining sex, IMHO.

She already asked me how I “knew” that I loved her daddy. It is really amazing to see my relationship with him come full circle to the point where I have this little person looking up at me, asking how the two people in the world that brought her INTO the world, got to this point. It makes you realize the weight of the responsibility of the choices you make, I’ll tell you that much.

19 01 2010

How does one explain the stork theory and do the other to have babies!? I’m stupefied!

The speech was witty,funny and intelligent.I was like ROTFL at the banana spectacle! Never knew people could think like that!

The one particular truth I like best is about artificial selection(domestication).It may sound and feel good in the beginning but having to face the consequences of these actions may proof daunting in the end.

3 02 2010

So far my eldest hasn’t asked about it although she is in Year 6. She thinks when the time is right, mummies go to the hospital where daddies’ blood is injected into their arm and babies are made 😀

This is her own theory. She saw me having a blood test when I was pregnant with the second and that’s what she thought was happening.

4 02 2010

I am working on a very user-friendly explanation video of the ”birds and the bees” I have a friend who is a psycologist and she helped me put it together. I want to draw in on my new tablet but I haven’t got it quite under control yet.
It will be on my you-tube channel and is especially for a little girl I care about.

Achelois, that is a very intelligent deduction!

What always irritated me is that when you get ”the talk” at school, they only talk about mechanics, not about love and feelings and responsibillities.
But we will discuss this further when I have finished my video.

Although all comments and thoughts about what should and should not be in the video are welcome.

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