Riding in the snow

4 01 2010

Today was a day of such beauty, it was magical! Beautiful! Everything was white, with the sun going down there were beautiful colours everywhere, and there was a snow-mist softening the landscape!
Al Tarq was happy to be out. Not much to amuse him at the moment.
It very cold of course. For tips on dressing and drawings of what to wear, and a drawing of an angry, fluffy Tarq, see my art-blog!

This is how I look when fully dressed for winterriding:

Sundown behind the trees

The world looked a very mysterious place

Zora in the snow. She walks fine in the snow, actually has less trouble with her elbow.

Within half an hour all our hairs were covered in a thin layer of ice.

Tarq wanted to go ludicrousspeed here, and although I loved a fine trot, I did think ludicrousspeed was a bit too dangerous. The icy slippery frozen remnants of the last snow period are still hidden under the fresh snow.

Zora’s hairs are also covered in ice!

Back at the village



15 responses

4 01 2010

Oh, I am so JEALOUS!

It looks like you were riding through Middle Earth.

Very ethereal pics…loved them!

4 01 2010

Wow… so much snow!

We used to get that here, thank God this year the snow is staying away!

You guys all look lovely!

4 01 2010
Abu Sinan

Great pictures. I love riding in the snow! Do you adjust your horse shoes for the snow? Aluminum shoes work well, as well as shoes with removeably studs.

4 01 2010

Agree with Sabi Wabi- ethereal!!!

4 01 2010

happy new year Aafke and much joy for the new year.

pics look beautiful and you live in such a picturesque place, but brrr i feel cold just looking at it..

4 01 2010

Pictures are truly nice. And I love your wolf (er, dog!).

4 01 2010

Aafke, tell me the truth – is this Paradise?

I want to be with you 😦

4 01 2010

sabiwabi, that’s exactely it! Middle Earth… And an Elven horse!

Haleem, but why? It’s so much fun! And so very beautiful!!!

Abu Sinan, as an Arab with Iron hoofs, Tarq doesn’t need shoes. So no problems there. He never slips, and no accumulation of snow under his feet.

Specs, 🙂

Radha, it is very beautiful! And if you go to my artblog you will see whu it wasn’t cold! 😉

Mezba, 🙂 the wolf likes the snow too!!! 🙂

Achelois, Yes. This is Paradise. Beauty, horses, dogs, love and friendship. It’s Paradise…

5 01 2010

It’s a Winter Wonderland! How lucky are you!!! Great photos – I got cold just looking at them!!!

5 01 2010

Susie, glad you enjoyed!
It’s very cold now yes 🙂

6 01 2010

What wonderful photographs! So beautiful! Happy new year, my friend! May 2010 be the year you’ve been waiting for! Hugs from Texas!

7 01 2010

Gorgeous! I love the village picture. All of them really. Wow!

10 01 2010

prachtige foto’s, ik heb jaren lang niet paard gereden maar krijg er bijna weer zin in..

14 01 2011

what kind of bridle is that?

19 01 2011

It’s a hackamore.

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