Blog anniversary!

2 01 2010

I have forgotten my anniversary! Clouddragon forgot to celebrate it’s third anniversary yesterday!




6 responses

3 01 2010

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Reading your blog has been enriching,fasinating and definitely mind-blowing artistic content without a doubt.May your blog flourish more this year and the years to come!

3 01 2010

Congratulations! That is a cool picture. At first I thought it was an animal cracker. 😀

4 01 2010

Much congrats! Happy 3rd anniversary!

4 01 2010

Happy anniversary to my favourite blog!

4 01 2010

Lat, thank you for that lovely evaluation, and thank you for visiting my ”salon” and being my friend! 🙂

Susanne, thank you! It’s an ancient Chinese jade carving of a clouddragon! 🙂

Haleem, Thank you! 😀

Achelois, awwwww, thank you!!! 😳

5 01 2010

Congratulations! Wow – three years – That’s a commitment!

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