Happy 2010 to everybody!

31 12 2009

Here I am, new years eve, and watching ”Dinner for one” as usual,  the unbreakable tradition. There has been some fireworks already today and I am covered with shivering alsatian. Zora is always very nervous on Newyears eve, with all the fireworks. It’s really funny: all through the day she has become more clingy and for the last two hours she is literally glued to my legs. I really can’t do one step without Zora being stuck to my legs! I nearly fell over her twice! Woehahahahahaa!
She’s now sitting on my lap.
Well, half a Zora. There’s too much dog, some parts spill over.

A very scared Zora, a tiny bit of me, and a tiny bit of a very relaxed Simsalabim


It is 2010!!!! Hurrayyyyy!!!!

I’ve been outside looking at the fireworks! Considering the amout of expensive fireworks people blew up you wouldn’t think there was a recession going on!
I am a leech: I don’t buy fireworks, I just go out and enjoy other people’s fire works! 😈

I made this arty photo.

A wish balloon was released by some of my neighbours, so beautiful and romantic!



10 responses

1 01 2010

Happy New Year!

1 01 2010
American Bedu

Loved this post and when growing up I had a pet with same reaction to fireworks as Zora. Miss you!

1 01 2010

Happy New Year..

1 01 2010

Happy New Year!!!

1 01 2010

Good to see Zora again! I enjoyed the photos. Happy new year. I hope it will be full of much joy for you and your loved ones.

2 01 2010

Happy new year everybody! 😀
Zora is doing fine susanne!

3 01 2010
Sami Bakir

Salaam mualakum, Zora is a very pretty German Shepherd your very lucky to have her! Sigh, inshallah I’ll have one of my own very soon, I bet having Zora is a devoted friend to you.

3 01 2010

Thank you Sami! I hope you get one soon too!
Zora is very devoted and I feel blessed having her.

4 01 2010

Happy New Year Aafke.

14 01 2010

Carol, you were in spam!
Both your comments!

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