Religion, blasphemy and evolution 3

30 12 2009

Teaching Evolution at schools

So if thinking a scientific theory is not as good a primitive bronze age myth from a primitive tribe of goat herders isn’t bad enough, the American Creationists want their ”Theory”/myth taught at schools as an equally good alternative to real science. Now there is one thing which can save American schoolchildren: America is not a ”Christian” nation. America is a secular country where everybody is free to practise his/her religion of choice.
As such it is not allowed to put religion into the school curriculum. A very wise decision. At school you learn science. That science has been carefully tested and is peer-reviewed before it is allowed into the school-curriculum. To re-label Creationism into ”Intelligent Design” and exchange ” God the Creator” for the rather insipid ”Intelligent Designer”, does not really change the fact that there is not one scientific proof for intelligent design, a creator, and/or an intelligent designer. It just isn’t science!
As far as Human Design is concerned I think the word ”Intelligent” is completely off-track anyway. Humans are a crap-design. We are weak, we have all kinds of health troubles, with our backs, with our knees, we get cavities, cancer, etc. An industrial design student once told me: ”If I designed the human knee I would be thrown out of College”.
And what about our sad loss of the one enzyme which would allow us to synthesise Vitamin C as all other mammals do? It’s just guinea pigs, fruit bats, and the higher primates who cannot. With the result that we are in a constant state of sub-clinical-scurvy unless we take vitamin C supplements.
And yes, higher primates includes us. You see it was our common ancestor which had the extremely rare mutation and lost the capability of synthesising vitamin C. And as a result so do we humans. Together with our nearest evolutionary relatives, the other higher primates.

To see the attempts of slipping religious doctrine into the American school curriculum, watch this brilliant documentary on Google

And do the Creationists realise that if their pet-”theory” should be taught at school as an ”alternative”, that there are actually quite a lot of other alternatives which then should be taught also? Why stop at the Christian theory? There are many more theories, that we all came out of an egg, or a clam, to name just two.

And the most convincing one is of course that the universe was created by The Flying Spaghetti Monster after a bout of heavy drinking. This explains the flaws in the universe. As this is the only theory which actually does explain why the universe is so flawed, I am strongly inclined to favor the Pastafarian theory of creation above all others.
Btw, The Church of the Flying spaghetti Monster is currently the fastest growing religion on the planet.



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31 12 2009

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Brilliant! 🙂

31 12 2009

arghhh i don’t understand the debate.. why can’t school reach scientific theory and parents or religious teachers or churches/temples/mosqes etc., teach their belief system.

I mainly don’t understand why you would not equip your kids with the theory/myth et all and let them decide, they are going to decide when they are 18 arn’t they,

I asked my daughter what she thought adn she said she thinks darwin was right and when i enquire about god she says “well mom god made evolution happen – evolution is science ma.. god is just overseeing the whole thing…”
so i’m happy atleast she’s not likely to homeschooling her kids , with her temper that would be one failed experiment 🙂

31 12 2009

Susanne, it’s perfectly true, follow the link 😈

Radha, because teaching it at home is not good enough for them, they want their exclusive version of creation stuffed down the throats of all children and I am sure they are convinced it will transform them all in proper religious Christian children with the same narrow tunnelvision as they themselves have. They are quite happy with how far science has gone, and quite happy with using science, but they don’t want the whole package. where ever science proves the bible wrong it must be silenced.

I like your daughter. 🙂

31 12 2009

Finally a picture worth looking at after 3 tries 😉

The question is, if all cave women looked like Rachael, does that mean humans are de-evolving?

4 01 2010

I love reading about this subject! This is very relevant to me as I am studying to become a biology teacher, and I will likely have to deal with some of the parents who think I should be giving time to Creation. Considering the not-so-vast Biblical knowledge I have, I don’t think they would want me teaching Genesis if they knew 🙂 I would not want my local pastor to try and explain the details of evolution, either. He has his area of knowledge and I have mine, and I think students should be encouraged to seek knowledge of these things from appropriate sources. FWIW, I believe God created through evolution. Will I teach that idea? Nope. My job is to teach the physical, not the metaphysical.

For an interesting Christian perspective on this, check out ‘Evolutionary Creation’ by Dr. Denis Lamoureux. He’s got phds in theology (Genesis 1-11) and evolutionary biology. I took this guy’s class for interest’s sake at the University of Alberta, and he has some pretty interesting ideas on this debate.

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