Wacken 2010 Iron Maiden!!!

16 12 2009


Just wanted to share with you: I got the great news that Iron Maiden will be at Wacken Open Air this year!!!

Yihaaaa! And we’ve allready got tickets! I am soooo looking forward to Wacken! Still many months to go…



3 responses

19 12 2009

At least now thanks to your blog I know what Iron Maiden is! πŸ™‚

16 02 2010

cool! i hope to be there but i cant
well i dont know yet tickets are sold out i guess
publish a photo of your ticket!

26 02 2010

I don’t have the ticket, my friend’s brother spend all night getting the Christmas packets, and she has all the tickets, Which is fine by me because I would loose mine in the many months to wait. I do have the T-shirt though…. πŸ™‚ I could show that!
We go the special christmas deal, they were sold out in one night. I don’t know about other tickets. Even if they;re sold out there will be some available as people will inevitably drop out and wanting to sell theirs.

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