Baghdad burning

2 11 2009

I want to share this video’s with you. Heartrending story of a woman ”Riverbend” in Bagdad, and heartrending but beautiful artwork by Danijel Zezelj. It’s narrated in German, beautifully by Sherin Zayed, but with English subtitles.



4 responses

2 11 2009

Made me very sad 😦

2 11 2009

yes 😦

4 11 2009

Thats the biggest point she makes, “liberating” Muslims will cause extreme hardships and oppression.
It’s like liberating Nazi’s to go and gas Jews.

4 11 2009

Yes, what they really did was liberating the Fundamentalist idiots, and imprisoning the normal reasonable intelligent people. And especially the women.
This liberation is causing the female half of the people to lose their freedom and their human rights.

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