1 11 2009

Another year has passed, another Barbarian festival. Last night I went with some friends to ”Muziek theater Romein” in Leeuwarden for another ”Barbaars” heavy metal concert. And this time I managed to make some acceptable photos. We were late. We had a nice dinner at M’s, and then drove to the city of Leeuwarden. So we missed the first band, and as one of the other bands didn’t turn up, we saw three bands. And Waw! Were they good!


The first band was my fovorite; Methusalem. Great music, great musicians, and a great singer!
Check them out on mySpace.

barbaars 6



The next band was Wizard, also very good!

barbarian wizard

barbarian wizard1

The last band was Freedom call.
Some of their songs were “Party-Metal” they really got the crowd going!

barbarian Freedom Call

barbarian Freedom Call1

I had a great time!

Me and the singer of Methusalem.
Or the Singer of Methusalem and me…



2 responses

2 11 2009

I think it would be too exciting for an old fart like me. Such loud music & excitement could trigger a cardiac event

2 11 2009

Oh I don’t know Tony, there were a smattering of old farts…. Heavy Metal is getting to be sort of like a family outing….

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